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and the Council of Europe Convention on Action against Trafficking in Human Beings

Council of Europe Convention on Action against Trafficking in Human Beings


Signed : 16 May 2005
Ratified: 17 January 2008
Entry into force: 1 May 2008

Text of the Convention in Norwegian
Non-official translation


1st Evaluation Round


· GRETA's Evaluation Report and Government’s Comments published on 7/05/2013

· Recommendation of the Committee of the Parties, adopted on 7/06/2013

Additional information concerning the evaluation

· News article on publication of GRETA's Evaluation Report, 7/05/2013

· News article on GRETA's evaluation visit, 21-24 May 2012


Round-table to support the anti-trafficking efforts in Norway


A round-table meeting on the follow-up to be given to GRETA’s report and the Committee of the Parties’ recommendation on the implementation of the Convention on Action against Trafficking in Human Beings by Norway took place in Oslo on 4 June 2014. [More…]


Council of Europe Campaign to combat trafficking in human beings (2006-2008)


Norway was represented in the following activities organised in the context of the Campaign:


Regional Seminar on Action against Trafficking in Human Beings: Prevention, Protection and Prosecution
Oslo, Norway: 1 and 2 November 2006 Proceedings
Participating Countries: Belgium, Denmark, Ireland, Moldova, The Netherlands, Norway, the Russian Federation, United Kingdom.