European Social Charter

A message from the President of the European Committee of Social Rights following Austria’s ratification of the Revised Charter

[30/06/2011] The President of the European Committee of Social Rights, Mr. Luis Jimena Quesada expressed his satisfaction at Austria’s ratification of the Revised Charter, which made it the 31st State Party to this Council of Europe treaty which safeguards social rights. . A total of 43 countries have now ratified either the 1961 Charter or the Revised Charter.

Mr Jimena has already congratulated Austria on its commitment to fundamental social rights and emphasised that the success of the ratification process is due in no small part to the close cooperation between the Austrian authorities and the Council of Europe.

Mr Jimena also invited the 12 remaining countries still bound by the 1961 Charter to follow the same course as Austria. He expressed the desire that the four States which have still not ratified the Charter (Liechtenstein, Monaco, Saint Marino and Switzerland) should do so in the near future.

He went on to strongly encourage the States Parties which have not yet done so to accept the Protocol providing for a collective complaints mechanism. Mr Jimena believes that the 50th anniversary celebration of the Charter should provide an opportunity for all the member States of the Council of Europe to agree to be bound by the same treaties.

Signatures and Ratifications