European Social Charter

The activity report 2011 of the European Committee of Social Rights is public

[25/05/2012]  The European Committee of Social Rights has made public its activity report 2011 which contains information on the conclusions and decisions adopted by the Committee on the compliance of the States Parties with their obligations under the European Social Charter and covers articles of the Charter relating to the rights of children, both inside and outside the labour market, the right to maternity protection, rights related to the protection of the family, the rights of migrant workers and the right to housing in the 39 State Parties.

The Committee adopted 950 conclusions, including 258 findings of violations of the Charter. It also noted many positive developments where States have changed their legislation or practice to bring the situation into conformity with the Charter.

The report also indicates a significant increase in the number of collective complaints since 1998 with 12 new complaints and 4 decisions on the merits in cases concerning issues such as the housing rights of Roma (France and Portugal), the right to strike (Belgium) and remuneration of police officers (Portugal).

While the complaints are still relatively few in number, they are often far-reaching in scope and in principle and the Committee's decisions have had strong impact on national law and practice. 2011 was marked by the 50th anniversary of the Charter, and an occasion to call on States that have not yet done so to ratify the Revised Charter and the collective complaints procedure.

“Fifty years on, there is reason to look forward to the future with optimism,” said President of the Committee Luis Jimena Quesada. “The Charter and its case law have become a source of legitimacy for national policy, of mutual exchange at international level, of motivation and inspiration for civil society organisations and not least a source of hope for millions of people that their daily lives will be improved.”