European Social Charter

A complaint is submitted by Médecins du Monde against France

Médecins du Monde c. France, Complaint No. 67/2011

[18/05/2011] The complaint was registered on 19 April 2011 and concerns the situation of Roma living in France in extreme poverty. 

The complainant organisation alleges that the rights of these persons with regard to housing, education for their children, social protection and health care are not respected by France, in breach of  the following articles of the Revised European Social Charter:

Article 11 (right to health),
Article13 (right to social and medical assistance),
Article 16 (right to appropriate social, legal and economic protection for the family),
Article 17 (right of children and young persons to appropriate social, legal and economic protection),
Article19§8 (guarantees concerning expulsion),
Article 30 (right to protection against poverty and social exclusion),
Article 31 (right to housing) of the Revised European Social Charter,

read alone or in conjunction with the non discrimination clause in Article E. 

Complaint No. 67/2011