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NEWS 21/04/2015

[21 April 2014]
Outcome of MONEYVAL's 47th Plenary meeting

MONEYVAL held its 47th plenary meeting in Strasbourg from 14 to 17 April 2015. At this meeting, the Plenary, inter alia:

-  adopted the 4th round evaluation report on Montenegro;
-  examined the situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina under the Compliance Enhancing Procedures and decided to apply Step 4 of the procedure and to issue a revised public statement;
- adopted the report of Lithuania under step 1 of the Compliance Enhancing Procedures and given the progress achieved in the key areas of concern, decided to lift the CEPs procedures at this stage;
-  adopted the report on San Marino’s application for removal from regular follow up and decided that San Marino should report back under biennial procedures in April 2017;
-  took note of the information provided under 4th round follow up procedures by Andorra, Czech Republic, Georgia, Malta, Poland, Slovenia and “the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia” and decided on the next steps for reporting by these countries under the procedures;
-  adopted a typologies report on Laundering the proceeds of organised crime;
- discussed the measures undertaken at a domestic level by MONEYVAL states and territories in respect of the implementation of the UN sanctioning regime and UN requirements related to ransom payments and decided to pursue work on these issues, in particular as regards legal capacities and measures aimed at preventing terrorists from benefiting directly from ransom payments;
-  revised its rules of procedure for the 5th round.

The reports which have been adopted and are public, in accordance with MONEYVAL’s publication policy, will be made available shortly under each jurisdiction’ profile.


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[14 April 2015] MONEYVAL  issues a revised public statement on Bosnia and Herzegovina

At the 47th Plenary, MONEYVAL considered the progress of Bosnia and Herzegovina under the Compliance Enhancing Procedures and decided that, while progress has been made since the last meeting on amendments to the criminalisation of financing of terrorism, overall progress on the Criminal Code and the implementation of by-laws to the preventive law remained insufficient. The 47th Plenary considered it was obliged to follow the decision of the previous plenary to invoke the next Step 4 of the Compliance Enhancing Procedures if overall progress was insufficient by April. Accordingly Step 4 was invoked and a revised public statement has been issued.

Links to press release and public statement

[31 March 2015] MONEYVAL report on the 4th round assessment visit in Azerbaijan

The mutual evaluation report on the 4th assessment visit in Azerbaijan is now available.

Press release
Executive Summary


The report was adopted at MONEYVAL’s 46th Plenary Meeting (Strasbourg, 8 – 12 December 2014).

The MONEYVAL 4th cycle of assessments is a follow-up round, in which important FATF Recommendations have been re-assessed, as well as all those for which the state concerned received "Non-Compliant" (NC) or "Partially Compliant" (PC) ratings in its 3rd round report.

This report on Azerbaijan is not, therefore, a full assessment against the FATF 40 Recommendations and 9 Special Recommendations but is an update on major issues in the AML/CFT system in Azerbaijan.

According to MONEYVAL’s procedures and the decision of the 46th Plenary, Azerbaijan was placed under the regular follow-up procedure and requested to report back to the Plenary in December 2016. Azerbaijan is also required to submit an expedited report on action taken to address certain significant shortcomings concerning Recommendations 1, 5 and Special Recommendation III in December 2015.