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News 11/04/2014

[11 April 2014] Outcome of MONEYVAL's 44th Plenary meeting

MONEYVAL held its 44th plenary meeting in Strasbourg from 31 March to 4 April 2014. At this meeting, the Plenary, inter alia:
- adopted the evaluation reports on the 4th assessment visits to Liechtenstein, Romania and “the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia”;
- heard the report on the high-level mission to Bosnia and Herzegovina;
- examined the situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina under step (iv) of the Compliance Enhancing Procedures and related peer pressure measures;
- discussed and adopted the interim report by Cyprus on action taken in response to the MONEYVAL Special Assessment on the Effectiveness of Customer Due Diligence Measures in the Banking Sector;
- heard and adopted the report on Lithuania under step (ii) of the Compliance Enhancing Procedures;
- took note of the expedited follow-up report of the Czech Republic, the regular follow-up report on Andorra and the interim follow-up reports on Malta, Slovakia and Albania;
- discussed various aspects involving Voluntary Tax Compliance Schemes in Albania, Hungary and Malta;
- discussed the templates for the questionnaires to be used for the commencement of its 5th round of evaluations;
-examined measures taken by the Republic of Moldova on identified important deficiencies as a result of the process regarding the state of compliance on all NC and PC ratings in the third round and decided to terminate the NC/PC process given the legislative progress achieved by the Republic of Moldova.

The reports which are public in accordance with MONEYVAL’s publication policy will be made available under each jurisdiction’ profile.

[08 April 2014] Secondment of an official to MONEYVAL: call for candidates

The Directorate General I - Human Rights and Rule of Law is currently looking for three officials to be seconded for a minimum period of one year, commencing as soon as possible.

The seconded officials will provide expert assistance to the Directorate of Information Society and Action against Crime in the implementation of the MONEYVAL mutual evaluation programme, which supports States in fulfilling their commitments in accordance with international legal, financial and law enforcement standards on money laundering and terrorist financing and in compliance with Council of Europe conventions, regulations, standards and values.

For more information on the post and the application procedure please click here. Deadline for submission of applications extended to May 18, 2014.