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"CEPEJ Studies" - ISSN 1999-334X

Eighteen studies adopted by the CEPEJ have been published. To book these publications, please send us an e-mail by specifying the language and the number of specimens wished (within the limit of stocks available) at the following address: Those Studies are also available on line.


Judicial systems of the European Union countries - Analysis of data by the CEPEJ - CEPEJ Studies No. 19

Jean-Paul Jean, Advocate General at the Court of Cassation and Associate Professor at the University of Poitiers

and Hélène Jorry, Expert on European Union Law and Associate expert in the CEPEJ


CEPEJ report evaluating European judicial systems - 2012 edition (2010 data) - CEPEJ Studies No. 18


Study on Council of Europe Member States on Appeal and Supreme Courts' Lengths of Proceedings (Report prepared by Marco Velicogna) IRSIG-CNR and CEPEJ expert - CEPEJ Studies No. 17


Study on the situation of the contractualisation and judicial process in Europe - CEPEJ Studies No. 16

Julien Lhuillier, Institute of Criminology and Criminal Law, University of Lausanne
Scientific expert of the European Commission for the Efficiency of Justice

Report on conducting satisfaction surveys of court users in Council of Europe member States - CEPEJ Studies No. 15

Handbook for conducting satisfaction surveys aimed at Court users in the Council of Europe's member States - CEPEJ Studies No. 14

Study on "Quality management in courts and in the judicial organisations in 8 Council of Europe member States" - CEPEJ Studies No. 13

European judicial systems - Edition 2010 (2008 data): efficiency and quality of justice - CEPEJ Studies No. 12

European judicial systems - Edition 2008 (2006 data): efficiency and quality of justice - CEPEJ Studies No. 11

Administration and management of judicial systems in Europe - CEPEJ Studies No. 10

Access to justice in Europe - CEPEJ Studies No. 9

Enforcement of court decisions in Europe - CEPEJ Studies No. 8

Use of information and communication technologies (ICT) in European judicial systems - CEPEJ Studies No. 7
Marco Velicogna, IRSIG-CNR

Monitoring and Evaluation of Court System: A Comparative Study - CEPEJ Studies No. 6
   Report prepared by the Research Team: Gar Yein Ng, Marco Velicogna and Cristina Dallara

Better implementation of mediation in the member States of the Council of Europe - Concrete rules and provisions - CEPEJ Studies No. 5

La qualité des décisions de justice - CEPEJ Studies No. 4 (French only)
   Actes du colloque de Poitiers, 8-9 mars 2007

Length of court proceedings in the member states of the Council of Europe based on the case-law of the European Court of Human Rights - CEPEJ Studies No. 3 (Updated in 2012)

Time management of justice systems: a Northern Europe study - CEPEJ Studies No. 2

European judicial systems - Edition 2006 (2004 data) - CEPEJ Studies No. 1