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  Country profile: RUSSIAN FEDERATION

CEPEJ Member


National Correspondent

Alexandra DRONOVA
Director of the Department of International Law and Cooperation of the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation
Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation
007 495 980 18 29

Georgiy Olegovich MATYUSHKIN

Deputy Minister of Justice
Representative of the Russian Federation at the European Court of Human Rights
14 Zhitnaya street
119991 MOSCOW
+7 495 955 59 82
+7 495 955 57 03

Member of the Lisbon Network


Pilot Court

Alexander ZENIN
Deputy Head of the European Law
Chair of the Russian Academy of Justice
17418 Novocheremushkinskaye street 69a

+ 7 495 332 51 04
+ 7 495 718 50 77



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Legal texts (Codes, laws, regulations etc.) ("Rossiyskaya Gazeta" newspaper - official source for the publication of legal texts in the Russian Federation) ("Scientific Centre for Legal Information" - Institution of the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation) (website of the President of the Russian Federation features) ("Consultant Plus" online legal database) ("Garant" online legal database)

Case-law of the higher court/s (the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation) (the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation) (the Supreme Commercial Court of the Russian Federation)
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Recent developments in the judicial field

A medium-term programme (5 years) for the development of the judicial system is under way. With a budget of 2 million euros, it covers mainly technical aspects: logistical support for courts, widespread use of the internet, online publication of court decisions, digital recording of hearings, introduction of telecommunication links between criminal courts and prisons so that prisoners do not have to be moved.

Organisational chart of the system of justice