The European Commission for the Efficiency of Justice

Country profile: MONTENEGRO

CEPEJ Member


National Correspondent
General Director of Directorate for Judiciary
Mr Momir Jaukovic
Head of Department for Organisation of Justice
Directorate for Judiciary
Ministry of Justice
Vuka Karadžica 3, Podgorica
+382 20 407 519
Member of the Lisbon Network


Pilot Court

Mr. Radule PIPER
President of The Basic court in Bijelo Polje
Osnovni sud u Bijelom Polju / The Basic court in Bijelo Polje
Muniba Kucevica bb
+381 382 50 432 006


Mrs. Sanja KALEZIC
Secretary General
Supreme Court
Njegoseva 10
81000 Podgorica
00382 20 665 390
fax 00382 20 665 405

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Legal texts (Codes, laws, regulations etc.)

    Official Gazette:

Case-law of the higher court/s

    The Supreme Court of Montenegro:
    The Higher Court in Podgorica:
    The Higher Court in Bijelo Polje:
    Court of Appeal of Montenegro:

Other documents (e.g. forms)

    Secretariat of The Judicial Council:
    Ombudsman of Montenegro:
    Centre for Mediation:
    Central Registry of The Commercial Court:

Recent developments in the judicial field
Organisational chart of the system of justice