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  Country profile: Republic of MOLDOVA

CEPEJ Member


National Correspondent
Violeta MELNIC
Chef adjoint de la Direction Générale
Agent Gouvernemental
+373 22 201487
Chef adjoint de Direction
Ministère de la Justice
82 rue 31 August 1989
Tel: +373 22 20 14 31
Member of the Lisbon Network


Pilot Court
Executive Director of the National Institute of Justice of the Republic of Moldova
1 S. Lazo street,
Chisinau, Republic of Moldova, MD-2004
/fax: (+373 22) 232 755

Botanica First Instance Court of Chisinau Municipality
Deputy President
13 Zelinschi str., Chisinau Municipality, Republic of Moldova
+373 22 550475

Evaluation Exercise
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Recent developments in the judicial field

CoE/EU Eastern Partnership Programmatic Co-operation Framework (PCF) 2015 – 2017, Theme II: Ensuring Justice, Thematic programme II.1.: Strengthening the independence and efficiency of justice, Action 4 “Strengthening the efficiency of justice and support to lawyers’ profession in the Republic of Moldova” / Component 1: “Strengthening the efficiency of the judicial system in the Republic of Moldova”

Eastern Partnership: Enhancing Judicial Reform in the Eastern Partnership Countries - Efficient Judicial Systems Report - December 2014  [English / Russian]

Report 1 of the Review of the collection of judicial statistics - Republic of Moldova (August 2014)  [English / Moldovan]

Report on “Efficient Judicial Systems in five Eastern Partnership countries” (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Republic of Moldova and Ukraine) - March 2013

Recent developments in the judicial field

Organisational chart of the system of justice