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December 2014 (more)

Following the appoitment of the Justice Reform Commission by the Maltese Government in April 2013, the Commission issued two reports for consultation which included many proposals intended to improve the whole administration of Justice in Malta. These two reports were discussed at length with all the major stakeholders in the Maltese judicial system and, on the 30th November 2013, the final report was presented by the Commission to the Parliamentary Secretary of Justice, Dr Owen Bonnici.
The final report put forward 450 different proposals on how various aspects of the judicial system could be improved. These ranged from changes to the procedure in summary criminal proceedings in the absence of the accused up to changes to the procedures of discipline and removal of Judges and Magistrates. Changes to the composition of the Commission of the Administration of Justice are also being proposed as well as the setting up of three authorites within this Commission, being an Agency for the Appointment of Judicial Services, an Agency for the Discipline of Judicial Service Providers and an Agency for the Supervision of the Judicial Services.
This report, which Dr Bonnici described as "laying the seeds for a new project intended to improve the judicial system which he augured could be reaped in the years to come", will now be discussed with the Judiciary and the legal community, and will be debated in Parliament. Proposals which enjoy support by all the judicial stakeholders will be implimented int he near future while those which necessitate more discussion, will be debated in detail so as to ensure that consensus on the proposals be attained prior to implementing them. Legislative instruments will then be drawn up to reflect the proposals made and discussions which ensued, so as to implement reforms in the judicial system and improve the quality of justice."
Evaluation of the maltese judicial system by CEPEJ experts: A CEPEJ delegation visited Malta to meet the highest representatives in the country in the field of justice and to discuss the implementation of CEPEJ's recommendations with public stakeholders and legal professionals in order to improve the functioning and the efficiency of the maltese judicial system. The delegation had in particular an exchange of views with the Ministry of Justice, M. Carmelo Mifsud Bonnici, on 23 November 2011

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