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National Correspondent

Marianne Gram Nybroe
International Coordinator
Domstolsstyrelsen / Danish Court Administration
Department of Training
St. Kongensgade 1-3
DK-1264 Copenhagen K.

+ 45 99 68 42 91
+ 45 70 10 33 22 / + 45 41 12 89 14

Head of Finance and Analysis
Court Administration
Store Kongensgade 1-3
Fax: +45 70 10 44 55
Member of the Lisbon Network


Pilot Court







Margit LAUB

Court President
District Court of Esbjerg
Rolfgade 94-96,
6700 Esbjerg
Tel: +45 79 13 66 77
+45 79 13 66 77 ;

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Recent developments in the judicial field

Submission from Denmark – CEPEJ Plenary 20-21 June 2013 – item 4 on the agenda: “Recent developments in the judicial field in the Council of Europe Member states”:

The most recent development within the judicial field in Denmark is the establishment of a small number of inter-ministerial working groups which can all be said to have a cost and time reducing focus. The setting up of the groups has been done on the initiative of the government. Almost all groups count representatives from the judiciary. The work is ongoing, so results and recommendations from the groups are yet to be announced. One working group is looking specifically at probate cases with a focus on – among other things – the level of digitization possible, analyses of the current structure for handling these types of cases, and the possibility for achieving a higher level of efficiency by means of centralization. Another working group is looking at civil cases and recommendations on how to process these better and more efficiently. And a third group is looking at the administration of the estates of deceased persons and ways to reduce the many and various types of cases within this field to a smaller number of categories, and through such simplification achieve a higher level of efficiency in processing these.

Peer’s evaluation: In the framework of the peer’s evaluation activity of the CEPEJ, aimed to examine statistical data collecting systems in the member States, Norway brought together, on 19 and 20 May 2010 in Oslo, the CEPEJ’s peers and representatives of 5 Nordic countries (Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Iceland) in view of exchanging their experience concerning file management systems in the Courts, the granting of resources to courts, legal aid and the more general aspect of reliability of judicial data.

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