The European Commission for the Efficiency of Justice

Meetings of the CEPEJ for 2015


25th plenary meeting (Strasbourg)

2-3 July 2015

26th plenary meeting (Strasbourg)

10-11 December 2015


25th meeting of the Bureau (Paris)

20 February 2015

26th meeting of the Bureau (Strasbourg)

4 November 2015

Working Groups



17th meeting (Strasbourg)

16-17 April 2015

18th meeting (Strasbourg)

1-2 October 2015



27th meeting (Paris)

19-20 February 2015

28th meeting (Strasbourg)

4 November 2015

SATURN - Groupe de pilotage


17th meeting (Strasbourg)

30-31 March 2015

18th meeting (Strasbourg)

22 and 24 September 2015

Network of pilot courts

10th Meeting of the network of pilot courts (Strasbourg) 23 September 2015

National correspondents

9th Meeting of the national correspondents (Strasbourg)

5 November 2015

Other meetings

European Day of Justice (EDJ) (Banja Luka - Bosnia and Herzegovina)

23 October 2015
Training session for new CEPEJ experts (Paris)
4 February 2015
15 September 2015
Meeting of CEPEJ experts - cooperation programmes 5 November 2015

Participation of the CEPEJ to other meetings of other bodies of the Council of Europe

European Committee on Legal Co-operation (CDCJ)


Consultative Council of European Judges (CCJE)


 Consultative Council of European Prosecutors (CCPE)


European Committee on Crime Problems (CDPC)


Steering Committee for Human Rights (CDDH)