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The European Commission for the Efficiency of Justice

We invite you to browse through the site to learn more about the European Commission for the Efficiency of Justice (CEPEJ) and its activities.

The news... (25/05/2016)

Presentation of the CEPEJ experts’ recommendations implemented in Karlovac and Varazdin pilot courts to the courts of Osijek area (Croatia)

On 24 and 25 May a team of CEPEJ experts travelled to Osijek (Croatia), to present the recommendations implemented in Karlovac and Varazdin pilot courts to the courts of Osijek area. These recommendations, which have been compiled in a handbook, include judicial timeframes management, mediation, judicial experts and the introduction of satisfaction surveys. The recommendations have already been presented to the Croatian municipal courts during two similar workshops. This activity has been organised in the framework of the Co-operation programme between Croatia and CEPEJ, funded by the EEA Fund / Norway Grants and entitled “Improving the quality and efficiency of the judicial system through infrastructure development and better management".

More information about the Project

International Conference and Working Group Meetings on Legislative Amendments to Mediation Law in Turkey

An International conference, together with Working group meetings on amendments to the Turkish legislation on mediation were organised in Ankara on 11- 13 May 2016, with the participation of the Ministry of Justice, the Court of Cassation, the High Council of Judges and Prosecutors, mediators, lawyers, judges, court clerks, academics, as well as trade unions and NGOs. They were supported by the CEPEJ, and by national experts who contributed to take stock of the current state of mediation practices and developed proposals and recommendations concerning the amendments prescribed by the Turkish legislation. The workshops focused on three subjects: labour and family law, and on effective mediation services. This work aimed at analysing the existing legislation and at identifying legislative amendments, in respect of the current practices in Turkey and Europe. A final review meeting will be held in October 2016, in order to assess the progress made, and to elaborate final proposals and recommendations on legislation. These activities were organised in the framework of the Project entitled “Developing Mediation Practices in civil disputes in Turkey”.

More information about the Project

Peer review of the Serbian judicial data collection system

At the request of the Ministry of Justice of Serbia, the CEPEJ team of experts responsible for the evaluation of the judicial data collection system paid a visit to Belgrade (Serbia) in March 2016. They carried out an in-depth analysis of the data collection process of the courts and other judicial authorities, in order to improve the understanding and the interpretation of the CEPEJ questions, as well as the quality of the statistical data of the judicial system.
Link to the peer evaluation report

4th Steering Committee Meeting of the Programme entitled “Developing Mediation Practices in Civil Disputes in Turkey”

The fourth meeting of the Steering Committee (SC) of the Project entitled “Developing Mediation Practices in Civil Disputes in Turkey” took place in Ankara on 10 May 2016 and it was chaired by Mr Musa Heybet, Deputy Undersecretary of the Ministry of Justice. The SC is composed of representatives of Turkish ministries, judicial and academic bodies, the Swedish International Cooperation Development Agency (Sida), and the Council of Europe. The aim of the meeting was to discuss the results achieved since November 2015, together with the risks foreseen in the future implementation period. The SC members were also briefed by the CEPEJ experts on the outcomes of the assessment visits carried out to six pilot jurisdictions, and about pilot practices in these jurisdictions. The Head of the Mediation Department of the Ministry of Justice, and the representatives of Sida expressed their consent to the amendments to the Action Plan proposed in the Mid-Term Evaluation report, and their satisfaction with regards to the results achieved so far.

More information about the Project

Meeting of the national correspondents in charge of collecting statistical data

The meeting of the national correspondents of 46 States, which are in charge of collecting data on the functioning of judicial systems for the CEPEJ took place in Strasbourg on 4 May. This meeting has been held in preparation of the next CEPEJ evaluation report on the European judicial systems. On this occasion, the group examined the draft report on the CEPEJ key data, the specific draft report about courts and the new information technologies, as well as a new data presentation through a dynamic database available on internet.

Meeting of the Working group on evaluation of European judicial systems

The meeting of the CEPEJ Working group on evaluation of judicial systems (CEPEJ-GT-EVAL) took place in Strasbourg on 2 and 3 May 2016. The aim of this meeting was to prepare the 2016 edition of the evaluation report of the CEPEJ European judicial systems (2014 data). The group examined the draft report on the key data of judicial systems of the 46 States, as well as the specific draft report on courts and the new information technologies. The experts also discussed the new presentation of information through a dynamic database available in internet. This meeting has been followed, on 4 May 2016, by a meeting of national correspondents responsible for the data collection of the CEPEJ judicial systems.


Meeting of the CEPEJ SATURN Group on judicial time management

The 19th meeting of the CEPEJ SATURN group on judicial time management took place on 21 and 22 April 2016 in Strasbourg. The group examined the recent EctHR case-law with regards to the reasonable time criterion and the new version of the implementation Guide on the European timeframes for judicial proceedings. These activities habe been followed by an exchange of views on the directions of the study carried out in 2014 on judicial timeframes in the 2nd and 3rd instance courts. The group also made an inventory of the on-going work, which falls within the framework of the CEPEJ co-operation programmes, as well as of the 2016 court coaching programmes. The afternoon of 22 April 2016 was focused on the co-operation with Morocco.

Mediation : Assessment visits, Izmir And Bursa Courthouses

Assessment visits have been organised in Izmir and Bursa Courthouses on 6-8 April 2016, under the Project on Developing Mediation Practices in Civil Disputes in Turkey. The aim of these visits was to monitor the progress in the application of the mediation scheme in these courthouses, which were designated for piloting this process under the Project. The delegation entrusted with the assessment was composed of the representatives of the Ministry of Justice Mediation Department and the Directorate General of Legislations as well as of the Council of Europe project team supported by one of the CEPEJ experts. The delegation assessed each and every step of the mediation process, and the roles and functions of mediation actors and stakeholders. In this regard, a general review of practices were discussed and ideas for improvement were shared with pilot judges, mediators, mediation centre and front office staff, lawyers, Deputy Chief Public Prosecutor and with the members of the Justice Commission. The judicial referral process was observed at the level of different courts/judges, which revealed the need for continuous and advanced training for judges. Furthermore, the functioning of the mediation centre and the front office in these courts was examined. By the end of the visit, the CEPEJ expert made a draft evaluation of the practices observed in the two courthouses and shared his ideas and proposals with actors and stakeholders of mediation for further improvement. The CEPEJ expert will soon draft an evaluation report, in line with the CEPEJ standards, which will be shared with all stakeholders in due time.

News in Turkish

More information about the Project

2016 edition of the Justice Scoreboard

The European Union's 2016 EU Justice Scoreboard, published by the European Commission, brings together data concerning the efficiency, quality and independence of the Justice systems of the member States of the European Union. The data has been essentially provided through a study carried out by the CEPEJ on the basis of its own methodology for evaluating judicial systems.
Link to the EU 2016 Justice Scoreboard

Recommendations by the CEPEJ experts to the municipal courts of Croatia

A CEPEJ team of experts presented the work it carried out since September 2014 in the Municipal Court of Karlovac to the Presidents of the municipal courts of the central and southern region of Croatia, through two workshops held on 12 and 13 April 2016 in Zagreb and in Split, respectively. These recommendations mainly concern judicial time management, mediation and alternative dispute resolution (ADR), the role of judicial experts and the implementation of satisfaction surveys. They have been compiled in a document aimed at facilitating their implementation (the “Guidance Manual”), which has been specifically drafted for these workshops. These two first workshops have been followed by a third one which will cover the Eastern region of Croatia (Slavonia), in Osijek on 24 May 2016.



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