Georgia and The Council of Europe
Political dialogue

On 27 January 1999, following the debates on the report of the Secretary General, the Parliamentary Assembly applied to the Committee of Ministers for considering the invitation of Georgia as a full member of the Organisation.

On 23-24 March 1999, at its 665th meeting, recognising the irreversible nature of the democratic reforms in Georgia, the Committee of Ministers adopted the decision to admit Georgia as the 41st member of the Council of Europe.

On 27 April 1999, after the deposition of the instrument of ratification and signing the European Convention on Human Rights, Georgia became a full-fledged member of the Council of Europe.

A political organisation set up in 1949, the Council of Europe works to promote democracy and human rights continent-wide. It also develops common responses to social, cultural and legal challenges in its 47 member states.

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