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Council of Europe releases stock-taking report on investigating ill-treatment in Georgia


On 17 October, the Council of Europe will release a report on investigating ill-treatment in Georgia. The report has been prepared by Mr Jim Murdoch, a Council of Europe consultant, following a stock-taking visit to Georgia in February 2013.

The arrangements for investigating ill-treatment in prisons up until February 2013 are the main focus of the report, but it also touches upon police detention facilities, complementing an earlier report on this issue by the same author in 2009. The report is based on interviews with representatives of governmental, non-governmental and international organisations and visits to two prisons and two temporary detention isolators in Tbilisi.

The report outlines some of the causes for the failings in the system for investigating ill-treatment and provides a number of recommendations to address these failings in line with European standards. The need to establish an independent investigative mechanism to investigate ill-treatment complaints remains at the heart of these recommendations. Even if the implementation of these recommendations can initially appear to pose significant challenges to the authorities in the case of Georgia the progress made in respect of police detention facilities illustrates that with sufficient will it is possible to overcome these challenges and bring the system closer to European standards.

The report has been prepared in the framework of the Joint Programme of the Council of Europe and European Union “Reinforcing the Fight against Ill-treatment and Impunity”, a regional project for Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine.




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