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Regional Meeting of the Network of the Press Councils


 Regional Meeting of the Network of the Press Councils[1] 

Tbilisi, 28.03.2012 A regular regional meeting of the informal Network of Press Councils of Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan and Ukraine was held on 22-23 March in Tbilisi.  

The event was organised in the framework of the European Union - Council of Europe Joint Programme « Promoting Freedom, Professionalism and Pluralism of the Media in the South Caucasus and Moldova 2011-2012 », implemented by the Council of Europe. 

Participants of the meeting presented current developments in their respective press councils and discussed issues related to elections and the media – professional challenges for journalists during the coverage of electoral process.   

Parties to the meeting approved the declaration against discrimination on any ground by media professionals, effective mechanisms in this regard being a proper implementation of relevant codes of ethics for journalists and affiliation thereto. To this end the declaration called on media professionals to join the existing national platforms of self-regulation and to abide by them.  

During the meeting different organisational issues concerning the structure and mode of functioning of the Network were also discussed. The Assembly comprising of one member from each country will henceforth ensure the proper administration of the Network.  

Furthermore, all interested people will soon be able to join the Network on Facebook, which will also be used as one of the coordination tools during its day-to-day activities. 

An informal Network of the Press Councils of Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan and Ukraine was set up in June 2011 with the support of the Council of Europe and a Memorandum of Understanding between the Press Councils signed in October the same year.

[1] - Yerevan Press Club -

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- The Public Collegium for Press Complaints of Russia

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        -  Press Council of Tajikistan



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