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Call for applications: Civil Society Debate - Strasbourg 7-8 October 2012 - deadline 16 July 2012



Civil Society Debate organised by the Conference of INGOs of the Council of Europe

Strasbourg, 7 October 2012 

held in the context of the World Forum for Democracy

“Bridging the gap - Democracy: between old models and new realities”

Strasbourg, 5-11 October 2012 

Background note   

1.         The Conference of INGOs 

The Conference of INGOs is the collective body of some 370 international NGOs holding participatory status with the Council of Europe. It will organise a civil society debate in the context of the Strasbourg World Forum for Democracy. 

2.         The World Forum for Democracy 

The World Forum for Democracy is being organised in October 2012 for the first time.   

In bringing together high-ranking political officials, leading public figures, Nobel Peace Prize winners and civil society activists, the World Forum will allow for an exchange of experiences and perceptions and help identify risks as well as possible answers to today’s societal challenges. 

The main topics that will be addressed at the Forum are: 

“Universal values, global challenges, regional realities”

“Do markets need democracy and vice-versa?”

“Values v. values? Democracy and religion”

“Virtual values? Democracy and Internet”

“One size fits all? Democracy and globalisation” 

3.         Civil Society Debate organised by the Conference of INGOs 

The Civil Society Debate is one of the separate activities organised in the context of the World Forum. The theme of the debate is “Inclusive Democracy” and it will focus on issues such as “Building inclusive democracy through media” and “Building Inclusive Democracy with women”. Its aim is to allow civil society representatives to exchange experience and identify topical issues where civil society action can contribute to “bridging the gap between the old models of democracy and the new realities.” 

The Civil Society Debate will be held in Strasbourg on Sunday 7 October. Selected participants will also participate in the first day of the Strasbourg World Forum for Democracy on Monday 8 October. 

4.         Selection of NGO representatives  

The Conference of INGOs is doing an open call for applications from interested national and international NGOs.  

- selected NGOs should be competent - and need to have concrete experience - in the areas covered by the civil society debate and the World Forum for Democracy; 

- the selection process will aim to achieve a balanced representation of women and men as well as a balanced geographical representation; 

- English and French are the working languages and proficiency in at least one of these languages is required.  

The Council of Europe will cover the travel expenses and hotel accommodation for a selected number of NGO participants. 

Interested NGOs are requested to return their application form by e-mail no later than Monday 16 July 2012 to  NGOs will be informed during the month of August whether or not they have been selected.



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