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PACE Rapporteur for Georgia: political majority and opposition should make cohabitation work
Strasbourg, 11.12. 2012 - Following his visit to Tbilisi and Kutaisi from 5 to 7 December, Boriss Cilevics (Latvia SOC), co-rapporteur of the Assembly for Georgia, called on the political majority and opposition to fully respect each other’s constitutional roles and, in the interest of all Georgian citizens, ensure that the cohabitation between President and Government works. He called on all political forces to overcome the polarisation and rhetoric that had characterised the election campaign and to refrain from any actions that would needlessly increase tensions in the political environment. In this context he welcomed assurances by the ruling majority that clear messages would be given to their supporters that any undue pressure on local officials belonging to the opposition would not be tolerated.

During the visit, Mr Cilevics expressed the rapporteurs’ concerns about the recent arrests of a number of former government officials. Mr Cilevics emphasised that there should be no impunity for any crimes, irrespective of who committed them. However, at the same time, he called upon the authorities to ensure that no selective or revanchist justice take place and that all investigations and prosecutions be conducted impartially, with full transparency and respect for the principles of a fair trial as enshrined in the European Convention on Human Rights. “These processes should not only be fair and impartial, they should be equally be seen as such” emphasised Mr Cilevics.

In the same vein, he cautioned the Parliament not to inadvertently overstep its own constitutional role and expressed his hope that all the cases on the list of alleged political prisoners that had been adopted by the parliament, would receive proper judicial review before any action was undertaken or final status conferred. Given the seriousness of this issue, such a review should take place without any further delay.

The rapporteur welcomed the many reform initiatives taken by the new authorities, especially those to combat impunity and strengthen the independence of the judiciary, which are important priorities in the ongoing monitoring procedure for the country. He also welcomed the willingness of the authorities to explore possibilities to improve relations between Georgia and Russia.


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Council of Europe Office in Georgia