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  ADAC: Activities for the Development and Consolidation of Democratic Stability
  a: Accession
  Art.: Article
  BEUC: European Office of Consumers Unions
  CBM: Confidence Building Measures
  CERD: United Nations Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination


Council for Cultural Co-operation
  CC-HER: Council’s Higher Education and Research Committee
  CDCC: Council for Cultural Co-operation
  CDDH : Steering Committee for Human Rights
  CDDS: Committee for the Development of Sport


Steering Committee for Equality between Women and Men
  CDMM: Steering Committee on the Mass Media
  CDMM-GR: Drafting Group of the Steering Committee on the Mass Media
  CDLR: Steering Committee on Local and Regional Democracy
  CEB: Council of Europe Development Bank
  CEIO: Council of Europe Information Office
  CEMAT: European Conference of Ministers responsible for Regional Planning
  CEPEJ: The European Commission for the Efficiency of Justice
  CICCE: Committee of the Cinematographic Industries of the European Community


Commonwealth of Independent States

Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of Europe

  CM: Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe
  CoE: Council of Europe
  CPT: European Committee for the Prevention of Torture
  CPT: European Convention for the Prevention of Torture and Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment, 26.11.1987 (ETS No. 126)
  CRI: European Commission against Racism and Intolerance and Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment (ECRI)
DG: Directorate General
  DG I: Directorate General of Legal Affair
  DG II: Directorate General of Human Rights
  DG III: Directorate General of Social Cohesion
  DG IV: Directorate General - Education, Culture and Heritage, Youth and Sport
  DGPA : Directorate General of Political Affairs
  DSP: Directorate of Strategic Planning
  DCR: Directorate of Communications and Research
  DGAL: Directorate General of Administration and Logistics
  DH-S-AC: Group of Specialists on access to official informatio
EAAA: European Association of Advertising Agencies
  EAEC: see: Euratom
  EAT: European Advertising Tripartite
  e.i.f.: entry into force of convention with respect to State concerned
  EBRD: European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
  EBU: European Broadcasting Union
  EC: European Commission
  ECHR: European Court of Human Rights
  ECHR: European Convention on Human Rights, 04.11.1950 (ETS No. 5)
  ECSC: European Coal and Steel Community
  ECRI: see CRI
  ECRML: European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages, 5.11.1992 (ETS No. 149)
  EDC: Education for Democratic Citizenship
  EEA: European Economic Area
  EEC: European Economic Community
  EFTA: European Free Trade Association
  EGTA: European Group of Television Advertising
  EIM: European Institute for the Media
  EMI: European Monetary Institute
  EMS: European Monetary System
  ENTO: European Network of Training Organisations for Local and Regional Authorities
  ESA: European Space Agency
  ESLSG: European Charter of Local Self-Government, 15.10.1985 (ETS No. 122)
  ESC: European Social Charter, 18.10.1961 (ETS No. 35)
  ESSSE: European Solidarity School Student Exchange Programme
  ESCY: European Steering Committee for Youth
  ETS: European Treaty Series
  ETUC: European Trade Union Confederation
  EU: European Union
  Euratom: European Atomic Energy Community (EAEC)
  EYC: European Youth Centres
  EYCA: European Youth Card Association
  EYF: European Youth Foundation
  EYL: European Year of Languages
FATF: Financial Action Task Force
  FCPNM: Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities, 01.02.1995 (ETS No. 157)
  FFF: Joint Committee of the International Federation of Actors, International Federation of Musicians and International Federation of Audiovisual Workers' Unions
  FIAD: International Federation of Associations of Film Distributors
  FIAPF: International Federation of Film Producers' Associations
  FIEJ: International Federation of Newspaper Publishers
  FIPP: International Federation of Periodical Press
  FMEP: European Foundation for Heritage Skills
GAPI: General Agreement on Privileges and Immunities of the Council of Europe, 2.09.1949 (ETS No. 2)
  GRECO: Group of States Against Corruption
HR: Human Rights
ICC: International Chamber of Commerce
  ICME: International Committee of the Movements for European Unity
  ICRC: International Committee of the Red Cross
  IFEX: International Freedom of Expression Exchange
  IFJ: International Federation of Journalists
  IGS: Intergovernmental Conference
  IIC: International Institute of Communications
  ITU: International Telecommunications Union
  IUR: International Union of Railways
LDAs: Local Democracy Agencies
MM-JU: Committee of Legal Experts in the Media Field
  MM-S-EP: Group of specialists on media in a pan-European perspective
  MM-S-HR: Group of Specialists on Media Law and Human Rights
  MM-S-IN: Group of Specialists on media and intolerance
NATO: North Atlantic Treaty Organisation
  NGO: Non-governmental organisation
ODIHR: Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights
  OECD : Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development
  OEEC: Organization for European Economic Cooperation
  OSCE: Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe.
PACE: Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe
SOC: Socialist Grou
  EPP/CD: European People’s Party
  EDG: European Democratic Group
  LDR: Liberal, Democratic and Reform’s Group
  UEL: Group of United European Left
  Prot.: Protoco
R.: see: Rec.
  r.: ratification
  Rec.: Recommendation
SG: Secretary General
  SPRINT: Sports Reform Innovation and Training
  SRSG: Special Representative of the Secretary General
  STLRD: Steering Committee on Local and Regional Democracy
  s.: signature

Universal Declaration on Human Rights, General Assembly of the United Nations, 10.12.1948

  UN: United Nations Organisation
  UNICE: Union of Industries of the European Communities
  UniDEM: University of Democracy
WFA: World Federation of Advertisers


A political organisation set up in 1949, the Council of Europe works to promote democracy and human rights continent-wide. It also develops common responses to social, cultural and legal challenges in its 47 member states.

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