Groundbreaking 10-year action plan for people with disabilities: all 46 Council of Europe member states to participate
27.04.07 - Strasbourg,
For the first time ever, all 46 Council of Europe member states are expected to outline specific government policy to better integrate into society Europe’s estimated 100 million people with disabilities. (>>>)
A Council of Europe international conference ‘Why terrorism?’
25.04.07 - Strasbourg,
The Council of Europe is to hold an international conference in Strasbourg on 25 and 26 April on addressing conditions conducive to the spread of terrorism. Some 250 people will gather in search of a better understanding of the factors that prompt certain people to become involved...(>>>)
Council of Europe organises a European youth symposium on diversity and participation in Luxembourg
25.04.07 - Strasbourg,
Young people from all over Europe will gather in Schengen, Luxembourg, on Wednesday 25 April, to take part in the symposium “Participation in all its forms – European Symposium on Diversity and Participation”. (>>>)
“The religious dimension of intercultural dialogue” - European Conference in San-Marino (23-24 April 2007)
23.04.07 - Strasbourg,
A European Conference on “The religious dimension of intercultural dialogue” organised by the Republic of San Marino, in cooperation with the Council of Europe, will take place in San Marino on 23-24 April 2007 (Kursaal Congress Hall). (>>>)
Council of Europe hosts symposium on e-democracy: 23-24 April 2007
23.04.07 - Strasbourg,
A two-day symposium on e-democracy is examining how information technology can encourage European citizens to more actively take part in democracy. Organised jointly in the framework of the Council of Europe’s project for “Good Governance in the Information Society” and the organisation’s...(>>>)
Meeting of the Committee of Experts on Terrorism
23.04.07 - Strasbourg,
During its meeting from 23 to 24 April in Strasbourg, the Codexter will consider the state of signatures and ratifications of the Council of Europe conventions against terrorism, in particular the Convention on the Prevention of Terrorism which will enter into force on 1 June...(>>>)
Statement of the Council of Europe Secretary General on addressing the conditions conducive to the spread of terrorism: Why is terrorism still spreading?
17.04.07 - Strasbourg,
There are two major mistakes which a society can commit in the face of the terrorist threat. The first one is to try to justify it. The second is to underestimate it. Terrorists are ruthless and insane but they are not stupid.(>>>)
“Bamako”, winner of the first Council of Europe film award in Istanbul
16.04.07 - Strasbourg,
The film “Bamako”/”The Court”, directed by Abderrahmane Sissako, has won the first film award of the Council of Europe ‘FACE’ at the International Istanbul Film Festival for its contribution to promoting human rights in accordance with the values of the Council of Europe and...(>>>)
Council of Europe puts forth specific measures to protect victims of human trafficking
16.04.07 - Strasbourg,
On 19-20 April 2007, in Berlin, Germany, the Council of Europe is holding its seventh regional seminar to fight human trafficking – with a focus on the victims.(>>>)
Women and Intercultural Dialogue
13.04.07 - Strasbourg,
In the framework of the preparation of the ''White Paper on Intercultural Dialogue'' by the Council of Europe, a consultation is organised in Geneva on 14-15 April. Experts both from the North and South will discuss on the interaction between the promotion of the rights of women...(>>>)
Video surveillance is a threat to fundamental freedoms, says a Venice Commission report
12.04.07 - Strasbourg,
The Council of Europe's European Commission for Democracy through Law (“Venice Commission”) has made public an opinion on the compatibility of video surveillance of public places by public operators with the protection of fundamental freedoms. (>>>)
Council of Europe Anti-Torture Committee visits Georgia
10.04.07 - Strasbourg,
A delegation of the Council of Europe's Committee for the Prevention of Torture and Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment (CPT) recently carried out a two-week visit to Georgia. The visit, which began on 21 March 2007, was the CPT’s third periodic visit to Georgia. (>>>)
Session for NGOs on the use of the Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities
05.04.07 - Strasbourg,
The Secretariat of the Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities of the Directorate General of Human Rights of the Council of Europe and Minority Rights Group International are organising a training session for NGOs on the use of the Framework Convention...(>>>)
PACE debates the state of human rights and democracy in Europe, Montenegro’s accession request
05.04.07 - Strasbourg,
A special debate on the state of human rights and democracy in Europe – with contributions from the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights and the heads of the main Council of Europe human rights monitoring mechanisms, as well as Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch –...(>>>)
Council of Europe film award puts human rights in the spotlight at Istanbul International film festival
03.04.07 - Strasbourg,
The Council of Europe – the 46-nation organisation that champions human rights - is to sponsor a prestigious new film award at the Istanbul Film Festival (March 31 to April 15). The FACE award (Film Award of the Council of Europe) will be given to the film that best reflects...(>>>)