Maud de Boer Buquicchio: gender equality integral part of human rights
29.02.08 - Strasbourg,
''Gender equality is not only about taking women into consideration when decisions are made. It is about equality in women taking the decisions themselves.'' Deputy Secretary General Maud de Boer Buquicchio’s comments were made during a speech in New York on 27 February, which...(>>>)
New copyright legislation enters into force
22.02.08 - Strasbourg,
A new bill on intellectual property entered into law in Russia on 1 January this year. The European Audiovisual Observatory has been following the events leading up to its introduction and has just published a new report entitled ''Transformation of Authors’ Rights and Neighbouring...(>>>)
Kosovo: Parliamentary Assembly President urges all parties to preserve peace and dialogue
19.02.08 - Strasbourg,
Reacting to Kosovo’s unilateral declaration of independence on 17 February, Lluís Maria de Puig, President of the Parliamentary Assembly, called on all parties to keep their pledge to preserve peace and dialogue in all circumstances and to refrain from any incitement to violence...(>>>)
FACE film prize will honour best “human rights” director
19.02.08 -
The Council of Europe, the Strasbourg-based human rights body, is once more looking to reward the director whose film best raises public awareness and interest in human rights issues. (>>>)
Internet Quiz-Contest on Human Rights
11.02.08 - Tbilisi,
Information Office is launching on its web-page a special Internet Quiz-contest on the theme of Human Rights Standards and related procedures of the Council of Europe. The quiz consists of 50 questions and covers the issues related to the activities of the European Convention...(>>>)
Banning corporal punishment of children
01.02.08 - Strasbourg,
The Council of Europe is Europe’s leading guardian of human rights – including children’s rights. In the past, major steps have been taken to protect children. These included landmark judgments in the Court of Human Rights challenging corporal punishment of children in school,...(>>>)
Europe’s fight against Trafficking in Human Beings, a new form of slavery
01.02.08 - Strasbourg,
Europe may well have abolished slavery 200 years ago, but it has not yet been stamped out. Across Europe criminal gangs are getting rich through the trade in human beings – and many governments are not doing enough to stop it. Trafficking in human beings is not the most discreet...(>>>)