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2014: Intergovernmental Conference on “Quality in the linguistics integration of adult migrants: from values to policy and practice"

Strasbourg, 3-4 June 2014


2010: Intergovernmental Conference on “ The linguistics integration of adult migrants: Ways of evaluating policy and practice”

Strasbourg 24-25 June 2010



See also the Report on the survey carried on among member states.


2008: Intergovernmental seminar on the linguistic integration of adult migrants

Strasbourg 26-27 June 2008

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Seminars organised by the French Ministry responsible for culture and communication (‘Délégation générale à la langue française et aux langues de France’ [DGLFLF]), with the Ministry responsible for employment, social cohesion, and lodging, the International Centre for Pedagogical Studies (CIEP, Sèvres) in co-operation with the Language Policy Division