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EVENTS in 2011

Seminar on Curriculum convergences for plurilingual and intercultural education
Strasbourg, 29-30 November 2011

Programme including presentations
Report of the Seminar


EVENTS in 2010

Intergovernmental Policy Forum: “The right of learners to quality and equity in education –
the role of language and intercultural skills”
Geneva, 2-4 November 2010

This intergovernmental policy Forum was held at the generous invitation of the Swiss authorities, and was organised jointly by the Swiss Conference of Cantonal Ministers of Education (CDIP) and the Language Policy Division.

Programme including presentations
Report of the Forum
Documents   list of texts for downloading ………… printable list of documents

Participation in this Forum was limited to delegates officially nominated by their national authorities (Steering Committee for Education – CDED) and to International non-governmental organisations (INGOs) holding participatory status at the Council of Europe according to their profile.



Language Policies and Adult Migrants 

Intergovernmental Conference on The Linguistic Integration of Adult Migrants : Towards the evaluation of policy and practice” - Strasbourg, 24-25 June 2010
The Conference was jointly organised by the Language Policy Division (DG IV) and by the Migration Division (DG III)
Report of the Conference
Programme including presentations

Web section dedicated to the linguistic integration of adult migrants

See also: Report of the seminar organised in 2008 and Reference texts

EVENT in 2009

Languages of Schooling

Intergovernmental Conference organised by the Language Policy Division on Languages of schooling and the right to plurilingual and intercultural education”
Strasbourg, 8-10 June 2009

Also available: Progress Report on the project (2008)


International seminar for practitioners and decision makers:Teaching Romani: Curriculum Framework for Romani and European Language Portfolio” / Sikavindos Romanes: Sičarimasko Plano palaj Romani Čhib thaj Evropako Čhibako Portofolio
Strasbourg, 27-28 November 2008 - (Context)

NB: the working languages were Romani and English; documents and reports are available in these languages

International Seminar on the Linguistic Integration of Adult Migrants, Strasbourg, 26-27 June 2008 (Context)
This seminar was organised in co-operation with the Migration Division of the Council of Europe.


Follow-up intergovernmental Conference: “Languages of schooling within a European framework for languages of education: learning, teaching, assessment”
Prague, 8-10 November 2007
This Conference was organised by the Language Policy Division in co-operation with the
Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, Czech Republic

>>> Report of the Conference

>>> Programme including presentations during the Conference


Seminar : “”Curriculum Framework for the teaching of Romani
Strasbourg, 31 May – 1st June 2007

Intergovernmental Policy Forum: “The Common European Framework of Reference for languages (CEFR) and the development of language policies : challenges and responsibilities”

6-8 February 2007, Strasbourg, Council of Europe

->>> Report of the Forum

>>> Programme including presentations

>>> Follow-up Activities planned by the Language Policy Division

Documents for the Forum

EVENTS in 2006

Intergovernmental Conference: Languages of Schooling: towards a Framework for Europe, Strasbourg, Council of Europe, 16-18 October 2006
- Background
- Thematic Studies and Documents for the Conference
- Report of the Conference

International Conference: Towards a Common European Framework of Reference for Languages of School Education?, Krakw, Poland, 26 – 29 April 2006
Programme including presentations
- Report of the Conference

Events in former years
Policy Forum : Global Approaches to Plurilingual Education, Strasbourg, Council of Europe, 28-29 June 2004.
Summary Report (interactive version)

Conference on Language Policy: Language, Diversity, Citizenship: Policies for Plurilingualism in Europe, Strasbourg, Council of Europe,13-15 November 2002
Conference Report (PDF version)

Reports of former Conferences : please consult the list of publications