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The Language Policy Unit organises conferences, seminars or fora on a regular basis, which are addressed to representatives of all member states.


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>>> 2014

    3rd Intergovernmental Conference: “Quality in the Linguistic Integration of Adult Migrants (LIAM): from values to policy and practice ” - Strasbourg, 3-4 June 2014

    Participants : national or regional government officials responsible for language policies for adult migrants in Council of Europe member states and observers with related profile.
    Main objectives
    : to present the new instruments developed by the Council of Europe and the results of the 2013 survey among member states as well as other initiatives; to offer a forum of exchange and discussion.

    Programme including presentations
    Information Note
    Conference documents and publications: see ‘LIAM’ website -
    NB: The Conference Report is currently being prepared and will be published in late 2014


updated: 10 June 2014

>>> 2013

Intergovernmental Conference on ” Quality and inclusion in education: the unique role of language” - Strasbourg, 18-19 September 2013

Language is the central medium of teaching and learning and the main way that learners demonstrate their knowledge and understanding. Competence in language is the basis of successful learning.
This event was an opportunity for those responsible for education policies or for curriculum development (of any school subject) to discuss the role of languages in preventing failure at school, and to contribute to furthering quality and inclusion in education.
National representatives were nominated by the national education authorities.

Programme including presentations
Report of the Conference


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