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Bern Convention
Group of Experts on Conservation of Plants - Mushrooms

The Bern Convention group of experts on plant conservation was created in 1990. The Group was requested to elaborate and consequently monitor the implementation of guidelines and action plans for some species. The group meets regularly during Planta Europa Conferences. Many recommendations were adopted by the Standing Committee of the Bern Convention. 2001 marks the year when the European Strategy on Plant Conservation was launched by both the Council of Europe and the Planta Europa network, as a symbol of co-operation between both organisations, thus streamlining their synergies. The objective of such actions is to provide a European framework for development of work to halt the loss of plant diversity in Europe.

In the Bern Convention fungi are no longer treated as an obscure subset of "lower plants", but recognized as their own kingdom with an extraordinary diversity. Fungi are one of the most species-rich groups of organisms in Europe, with at least 75 000 species. The Council of Europe under of the Bern Convention has supported conservation of the European macrofungi and its large component of biodiversity in a few conservation actions on the national and European level, adopted recommendations by the Standing Committee about its conservation and the Guidance for Conservation of Large Fungi in Europe.

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