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Bern Convention: Appendices and Amendments to the Appendices

The Appendices of the Convention provide the lists of wild species that are protected by the Convention.

Appendix I includes wild flora species and Appendix II lists the animal species requiring special protection, while the wild fauna species of Appendix III are protected but their “exploitation” can be regulated in accordance with the Convention. The appendices were last modified in 2001.

Amendments to the Appendices

Guidelines to be taken into account while making proposals for amendment of Appendices I and II of the Convention and while adopting amendments:
Recommendation No. 56 (1997)

Lists of species added to the appendices of the Bern Convention are in the following amendments:
Amendment of 2002
Amendment of 2001
Amendment of 1999
Amendment of 1998
Amendment of 1997
Amendment of December 1996
Amendment of January 1996
Amendment of 1995
Amendment of 1993
Amendment of December 1991
Amendment of January 1991
Amendment of 1987

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