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2nd Meeting of Group of Experts on Ruddy Duck Eradication

Date: 11 November 2010

Location: Madrid, Spain

The Bern Convention Group of Experts on Ruddy Duck eradication meets for the second time to work on status and eradication strategy of this species. Follow-up of the European Eradication Strategy, priorities for action and proposals to the Standing Committee to the Bern Convention are the key discussion topics of the meeting.

The North American Ruddy Duck (Oxyura jamaicensis), a small stiff-tailed duck, was first introduced into the UK from North America in the 1940s. As a result of escapes from wildfowl collections, they are now established in Great Britain, from where they have spread widely into Europe. Without control, North American Ruddy Ducks are expected to colonise continental Europe. This duck's aggressive behaviour threaten native White-headed Duck (Oxyura leucocephala). The native endangered White-headed Duck is only likely to be protected if rapid action is taken to control Ruddy Ducks in Europe. Due to this, Control of Ruddy Ducks in the UK and elsewhere in Europe has taken place in line with Bern Convention Recommendations n° 61 (1997) and n° 77 (1999).

Venue: Ministry of the Environment and Rural and Marine Affairs (MARM) Auditorium (Plaza San Juan De La Cruz, S/N, Madrid, Spain)


Meeting information

Draft Agenda


Practical information: the same as for the meeting on 10th November 2010



Working document

Eradication of the Ruddy duck Oxyura jamaicensis in the Western Palaearctic: a review of progress and a revised Action plan, 2011–2015 - Draft - T-PVS/Inf(2010)21revE


Meeting report of the Group of Experts on Ruddy Duck Eradication (Madrid, Spain, 11 November 2010) - T-PVS(2010)23E


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