Culture, Heritage and Diversity

Strasbourg, 9 November 2006



5th meeting of the CDPAT Bureau
Strasbourg, 4-5 December 2006

Room 14, Palais de l’Europe
Beginning of the meeting : 9:30


Directorate of Culture and Cultural and Natural Heritage


    I. Opening of the meeting by the Chair and adoption of the agenda


II. Communication by the Secretariat

    Address by Mr Robert Palmer, Director of the Culture and Cultural and Natural Heritage Directorate

      1. Follow-up to the 3rd Summit of the Heads of State and Government
      2. Work programme and 2007 budgetary perspectives
      3. Ongoing thinking on the structures of the Steering Committees
      4. Decisions by the Committee of Ministers on the last plenary session of the CDPAT (Strasbourg, May 2006)

CM (2006)141

    Information on the decisions of the Committee of Ministers and the 2007 budget, as well as on the reorganisation of the Directorate of Culture and Cultural and Natural Heritage will be provided.

III. Follow-up to the conventions of the Council of Europe

      1. Promotion of the conventions, in particular the Faro Convention

New Faro leaflet
Non-official translation into Russian

      An exchange of views on the type of information document to be produced following the publication of the Faro Convention illustrated leaflet will be held. This document could highlight the potential of the diverse Council of Europe conventions in the heritage field. The Secretariat will also inform the Bureau of the contacts with the Parliamentary Assembly and Portugal with a view to organising a media event in 2007 that would associate the Assembly which would present a state of the art of the various international conventions in the heritage field. This could be the occasion to promote the Faro Convention.

      2. Conclusions and follow-up of the informal meeting of consultants on the follow-up of the conventions (Paris, 16-17 October 2006)


      The results of the 16-17 October meeting will be commented with contributions by the two experts, Adrian Olivier and Paul Van Lindt, who are preparing a working document for the CDPAT. The Bureau should prepare the treatment discussion on this important point for the CDPAT plenary session in 2007.

IV. European Heritage Network

      1. Report and decisions of the annual meeting of the national correspondents of the Network (Ohrid, June 2006)

      PAT-HEREIN (2006) 08

      The Vice-Chair of the CDPAT and the Secretariat will provide information on the results of the Ohrid meeting in June 2006, and on the direct link between the development of the Network and the implementation of a better structured follow-up to the conventions.

      2. Draft Agreement on the Network
      Strategy to adopt for the signature of the Agreement

      CDPAT(2006)14 rev

      The Bureau should discuss on the way to submit this point to the CDPAT plenary session in 2007. The Secretariat advises that such an agreement would win interest by coinciding to an event that would promote the heritage sector, such as a meeting of heritage Directors that could be organised by the Council of Europe.

      3. Information on the evolution of the Website – its functionalities and potential
      (EHDs, discussion forum, virtual exhibitions, etc.)


      The Secretariat will provide useful information on the evolution of the website.

V. Opinion asked to the CDPAT

      1. Congress of Local and Regional Authorities : recommendation on reconciling heritage and modernity

      Recommendation 195(2006)
      Draft reply - CDPAT(2006)41

      The text of the CLRA recommendation and the draft answer by the Secretariat have been sent at the beginning of November. The Bureau would adopt a draft reply by taking into account the comments that will have been sent by the delegations.
      2. Parliamentary Assembly : Follow-up to the 3rd Summit: priority for cultural co-operation

      Recommendation 1758 (2006)
      Draft reply – CDPAT(2006)40

      The Secretariat has sent the Parliamentary Assembly recommendation in September and has not received any comments while elaborating the present agenda. The Secretariat has prepared a draft answer also sent to all the CDPAT members, asking them for their possible comments. The Bureau will adopt the draft answer according to the results of this consultation.
      3. Committee of Ministers : message of the Committee of Ministers to committees involved in intergovernmental co-operation at the Council of Europe

      CM-SUIVI3(2006) 18
      Draft reply – CDPAT(2006)39

      The circular letter has been sent to all the delegations. The Secretariat has prepared a document that could be studied during the Bureau meeting. The members of the Bureau are invited to closely examine this text proposal before the meeting, bearing in mind possible amendments and comments. Such an exercise is important as it is asked to show how the CDPAT can contribute to the political objectives of the Council of Europe.

VI. Draft activity programme for 2007


      The activities related to heritage are grouped in the Action Line V.3 of the working programme ź protection and promotion of cultural and natural diversity ╗. Of course, it takes into account the priorities set out by the CDPAT during its last two plenary sessions, emphasizing on the implementation of the conventions which have to be promoted, on the capacity building and on the continuation of regional programmes of cooperation, as well as on certain targeted sensitising initiatives. The activities are regrouped in an order slightly different from the one adopted in 2006, associating thus in a same programme the management of the diversity of both cultural and natural heritage.


VII. Regional programmes – progress report


      1. South-East Europe
      2. Kyiv initiative
      The Secretariat will provide information on these activities.

VIII. Information on the implementation of activities relating to intercultural dialogue and awareness-raising

      1. Report of the launching of the European Heritage Days and of the conference in Saint-Petersburg (September 2006)


      The Secretariat will inform the Bureau of the events that took place in Saint-Petersburg at the occasion of the 2006 launching of the European Heritage Days – a joint action of the Council of Europe and the European Union, carried out with the support of the Liaison Office, Europa Nostra - in particular the conference on Europe’s cultural heritage values held on 22 September in the prestigious venue of Tsarsko´e Selo. The meeting of the coordinators will also have been held in Venice on 2 December on the occasion of the Salone dei beni e delle attivitÓ culturali.
      2. European cultural routes


      On 1 December, an informal meeting of the Advisory Committee will have been held in Venice on the occasion of the Salone dei beni e delle attivitÓ culturali, to discuss the future of the Cultural Routes programme.
      3. Progress report on the project “cultural identities, shared values and European citizenship”

CDCULT-ID(2006)24 rev

      The Secretariat will inform the Bureau on the progress of the project implemented after the 3rd Summit, in particular concerning the ź little blue book ╗ on core values underpinning European citizenship, the reference text, and the colloquy on “Central and Eastern European aspects of cultural identities, shared values and citizenship in present-day Europe”, Budapest, 14-15 December 2006.

IX. Preparation of the plenary session

      Confirmation of the plenary session dates.

X. Adoption of the list of decisions

XI. Other