Culture, Heritage and Diversity

APCP-F "Association pour le patrimoine culturel et sa pédagogie" - France

The APCP-F is a non-profit association, founded in 1987, which pursues an ongoing support programme for French sites organising heritage-related educational activities, an ongoing support programme that has five main thrusts:



of the centres' development, the contributors to their events and the pedagogic tools utilised so as to evaluate methods, objectives and training needs through surveys commissioned by the national education and culture ministries.



of the state of heritage-related educational activities, so as to identify the issues at stake and the approaches adopted, with a view to fostering consistency in the member organisations' practices.



for its members on innovative heritage and arts education practices and on measures taken by the ministries of education and culture to promote the integration of these practices in school education.



of heritage education contributors by holding training sessions on specific themes, bringing together teachers and cultural workers in a heritage site/resource centre participating in the APCP.



to assist new partners (associations, local authorities, etc.) in devising and implementing projects and to promote pilot projects by federating and co-ordinating innovative action in the field of heritage education, both locally and internationally, while ensuring their representation in France.


Practical information

President: Serge GRAPPIN

Siège social: Maison du patrimoine

21190 Saint-Romain

+33 (0)3 80 21 28 50

+33 (0)3 80 21 24 99 


You can also contact your regional delegate (list available from the association's headquarters)