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Council of Europe Cultural Routes Summer Seminar - follow up


The First Council of Europe Cultural Routes Summer Seminar was held on 3-7 September at the European Youth Centre Strasbourg. It was opened by the Deputy Secretary General Gabriella Battaini-Dragoni. Fifty participants, representing 34 certified routes and new projects from all over Europe, worked with experts on cultural heritage and tourism, network governance and communication to discuss strategies and challenges for the cultural routes. The seminar was great success and will now become an annual event.


The representatives of cultural routes welcomed the opportunity to meet over a whole week to share experiences, gain better knowledge of the Council of Europe, hold in-depth strategic debates on the objectives and management of routes and experiment new ideas and techniques. Everyone agreed that this intensive seminar should become an annual fixture, which could be hosted by routes themselves (with financial support from the programme). At the closing session, proposals were made by two participants to hold the seminar in Norway or in Italy. If you are ready to host the seminar, send us a proposal!


Find the PowerPoint presentations on the seminar website 


Progress and further developments will be discussed at the 2012 Annual Forum at the CREF in Colmar on 22-23 November. Cultural Routes": 2005





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