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Culture is an essential component and a key factor for the effective delivery of the core mission of the Council of Europe to promote human rights, the practice of democracy and the rule of law.


Promoting culture as the "soul of democracy" means advocating strong cultural policies and governance aimed at transparency, access and participation, and respect for identity and diversity, intercultural dialogue and cultural rights – as the basis for respectful and tolerant living together in an ever more complex world. (more...)


Culture and Democracy

Culture and democracy: indicators framework and platform on digitisation

Digitisation is profoundly changing our cultural experience, not only in terms of new technology-based access, production and dissemination, but also in terms of participation and creation, and learning and partaking in a knowledge society.



CultureWatchEurope promotes culture as "the soul of democracy", facilitating strong governance through combined access to the Council of Europe's information tools that generate, improve and follow-up policy standards. It also offers a platform for exchange towards prospective analysis and forward thinking.


"Compendium of Cultural Policies and Trends in Europe" Database

The Compendium of Cultural Policies and Trends in Europe is a comprehensive reference work on European cultural policies in the form of an online information and monitoring system.


Cultural policy reviews programme

The Council of Europe’s flagship programme of cultural policy reviews assesses policies in member states at the request of the Government/Minister of Culture to offering comprehensive analysis and advice, geared to optimising policy for the greatest benefit of its country's citizens.


Review of film support policies

In the context of rapid globalisation and digitalisation of cultural production and distribution, it is key that policy tools put in place by European countries are effective and adequate in delivering the objectives of diversity and creativity.


Audiovisual Heritage

The European Convention on Protection of the Audiovisual Heritage and its Protocol introduce systematic storage of audiovisual works in film archives, where the latest conservation and restoration technology can be used for long-term prevention of deterioration.


European Academic Network on Romani Studies

A joint action between the Council of Europe and the European Union, aimed at setting up a European Academic Network on Romani Studies, concluded on a programme of a two-year duration (June 2011 – May 2013).


Cultural Resources for Roma Inclusion

A joint project aims at replicating in 5 Roma settlements in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, "former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia", Hungary and Slovenia the model successfully implemented in Kamenci (Slovenia) where the Roma inhabitants have been supported in setting up a multidimensional cultural enterprise within their village.


Cultural actions

Intercultural cities: governance and policies for diverse communities

Cities involved in the Intercultural cities programme assess their governance models and policies and develop comprehensive strategies for intercultural integration.


The Diversity Advantage Challenge

is a means to raise awareness among the public and private decision-makers about the benefits of diversity and to provide a large number of examples of how organisations, businesses and cities which have realised these benefits by creating innovative products, services, ideas and initiatives.


Communication for Integration: Social Networks for Diversity (C4I)

C4I – Communication for Integration project (implemented by the Council of Europe and funded by and the European Commission) aims to fight against misconceptions and prejudices, rumours and stereotypes by using viral information techniques to provide evidence-based answers to common misconceptions.


Diversity in the Economy and Local Integration (DELI)

DELI, co-funded by the Council of Europe and the European Integration Fund, fosters more efficient local policies in support of migrant-owned SMEs and migrant entrepreneurship as part of wider diversity and inclusion policies.


MEDIANE - Media in Europe for Diversity Inclusiveness

This joint Coe/EU initiative's overriding objective is to consider diversity and non discrimination as ongoing angles of media coverage. To do so, MEDIANE offers the media and their professionals the opportunity of committing themselves to sharing professional practices, either during European or thematic encounters or through European Exchanges.



The Council of Europe series of art exhibitions, since 1954, increases knowledge and appreciation of European art as one of the highest expressions of Europe's culture and common values.


Partial Agreements

Enlarged Partial Agreement on Cultural Routes

The Enlarged Partial Agreement on Cultural Routes seeks to reinforce the potential of Cultural Routes for cultural co-operation, sustainable territorial development and social cohesion, with a particular focus on themes of symbolic importance for European unity, history, culture and values and the discovery of less well-known destinations.



Eurimages is the Council of Europe fund for the co-production, distribution and exhibition of European cinematographic works.



2015 Calendar

Conference of Ministers of Culture (Moscow, 15-16 April 2013)

Conference of Ministers responsible for Culture, Baku, 2-3 December 2008



European Cultural Convention

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