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Intercultural Pathways to Urban Safety – How do Cities and Citizens Benefit?


Lisbon (Portugal), 17-18 September 2012


On 17 and 18 September 2012 a workshop on "Intercultural Pathways to Urban Safety" brought together in Lisbon representatives of local authorities, police and civil society organisations from cities members of the Intercultural cities network, and the European Forum for Urban Security. Participants explored ways of ensuring safety by building broad partnerships in culturally diverse local communities, based on the unique Intercultural cities approach of valuing diversity of citizens as an asset for improving urban well-being, including urban safety. Member cities reviewed their safety policies from an intercultural perspective in order to make them an element of a comprehensive intercultural strategy.


Documents and presentations


Presentation by Elizabeth Johnston, Executive Director of the European Forum on Urban Security [fr]

"Safety on scale and a Danish version of the Hotspot approach to crime prevention" - The City of Copenhagen - by Jeppe Kehlet and Henriette Korf

Community policing innovations in Finland by Sirpa Virta, Professor, Tampere University and European Police College – CEPOL

Zorg- en Veiligheidshuis Midden - Brabant by John Wauben and Sandra Timmermans

Presentation of the manual "The Best of Three Worlds" by the author Peter Versteegh, Senior Police Analyst and by Rob Kool, Chief of Police office The Hague

Intercultural Pathways to Urban Safety by Tanya Edwards & Fiona Kirkman, Lewisham Council

 Safety Index par Agnes Cornelissens & Rien van der Steenoven, City of Rotterdam, Department of Public Safety

Correlation analysis between the intercultural cities index and other data - A study for the Council of Europe - BAK Basel Economics AG

From broken windows to windows of opportunity by Mónica Diniz, Head of Strategic Development, Lisbon Municipal Police

Report: Intercultural Pathways to Urban Safety ‘How do Cities and Citizens Benefit? by Marten van Harten M.A., ICC expert




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