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European Mozart Ways


Palaces and piazzas, pleasure gardens, inns and hotels, concert halls and opera houses, cities, churches and landscapes: there is no better way to learn about and experience Wolfgang Amadť Mozartís life and music than by retracing his footsteps through Europe, visiting some of the most significant music, art and architectural venues of Europeís cultural heritage.



Dates and countries


Incorporated into the programme "The Council of Europe Cultural Routes": 2002

Countries: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Slovakia, Switzerland, United Kingdom





Mozart travelled more than half of his lifetime, journeys that decisively shaped him both personally and artistically, contributing profoundly to his development as one of the universal figures of Western culture.


The European Mozart Ways are an international network connecting cities, regions and institutions in the 10 European countries visited by Mozart. Founded in Salzburg in 2002, their purpose is to promote tourist itineraries and to foster artistic, cultural, educational and research cooperation with a particular emphasis on the life and oeuvre of W. A. Mozart. The Associationís website,, is accessible to a broad audience, facilitating a dynamic and innovative acquaintance with the first major European musical traveller.


(Photo: Mozart in gala dress © Int. Stiftung Mozarteum Salzburg).



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