Culture, Heritage and Diversity

Intercultural cities: research


Relevant surveys and research sites

EUROSTAT: Migrants in Europe, a statistical portrait of the second generation, 2012

IPSOS/SPARDA: Shaping perceptions and attitudes to realise the Diversity Advantage

Urban Audit: Survey on perceptions of quality of life in 75 European cities


Urban Audit: The State of European Cities Report

Eurobarometer: Local Authorities and the governance of the Single Market

Eurobarometer: Qualitative survey about Well-being

Eurobarometer: Migrant Integration
European Research Network of Excellence on "Sustainable Development in a Diverse World"


NORFACE research programme on migration


IMISCOE research network: trends and management of migration flows


Research on the economic aspects of diversity in cities:


The King Baudouin Foundation and the Migration Policy Group have piloted a new type of European survey whose aim is to increase the voice of immigrants in the development of integration policies











Intercultural cities research papers

Terms of reference

Literature review

Correlation study: Interculturalism and city development and cohesion

Interculturalism, Public Space and Urban Safety (upcoming October 2012)


City data and sources

Intercultural cities INDEX reports

INDEX database (on request only)

City profiles

Good Practice examples

European surveys


Researchers and institutions

ICC research steering group

Affiliated researchers in member cities



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