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"Schools as intercultural communities: Towards indicators for successful intercultural education"

European Wergeland Centre, Oslo (Norway), 47 October 2011


25 school heads and teachers from 13 Intercultural Cities and from Nottingham met on 4-7 October in Oslo (Norway) to discuss existing practice and work results in the field of intercultural education.


The Think-Tank was a joint initiative of the Pestalozzi Programme, the European Wergeland Centre (EWC), the Intercultural Cities Programme (joint CoE and EU action) and the Project Intercultural Education and Exchanges of the Council of Europe. It was also supported by the City of Oslo.


At the end of a series of interactive working sessions led by a team of facilitators, the participants produced a list of indicators for successful intercultural education which will be tested in the coming months by other practitioners before being finalised.


Target group

School heads and teachers from 13 cities of the 21 cities members of the Intercultural Cities Network, Nottingham (United Kingdom) and Stockholm (Sweden).




Final report

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