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Post-Conflict Actions in Georgia (PIAG)


The "Post-Conflict Actions for the Social and Economic Revitalisation of the Communities and the Cultural Environment in the Municipality of Gori" (PIAG) is the Council of Europe’s contribution towards the response to the conflict in Georgia in August 2008, more specifically on the damage to cultural heritage, and by extension, to the built environment.


The PIAG’s objective is to produce investment project proposals, which will be presented to prospective partner organisations for financing. These proposals incorporate the values and principles promoted by the Council of Europe, giving priority inter alia to human rights, defining the protection of goods, the respect for private property, the security of citizens, the right to housing and the right to education and employment.


The Georgian authorities have set up an Interministerial Commission, a Steering Committee, a Project Implementation Unit and Working Groups involving about 25 Georgian experts and representatives from 10 national institutions (Parliament, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of the Interior, Ministry of Culture, Ministry for Refugees, Ministry of Economic Development, Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructures, Ministry of the Environment, the Governor and the Mayor of Gori region).


The PIAG comprises three "Immediate Actions"




Political Statement

Technical Assessment Report

Guidelines for the Repair and Reconstruction Process of the Villages in the Conflict Zone Adjacent Area

Preliminary Technical Assessment for the rehabilitation of the Nikozi Monastery

Feasibility Study for the Rehabilitation of Nikozi Monastery

Reference Development Plan for the Revitalisation of Nikozi Village






Presentation on the PIAG

Press release for public lectures in Georgia

Article in the local newspaper

News report on local Georgian television channel "Trialeti" [ge]



List of prospective partner organisations



Council of Europe Secretariat

National Agency for the Preservation of Cultural Heritage of Georgia


Other projects

Black Sea and South Caucasus

South East Europe