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Call for applications: to implement the project "Stones that Talk" in Junik Municipality


The Joint Project EU/CoE Promotion of Cultural Diversity (PCDK) invites interested local non-governmental organizations to submit their applications for implementing the project “Stones that Talk” in Junik Municipality.


The project

The main goal of the project is to support the promotion and development of heritage tourism through the rehabilitation of stone structures and education/awareness-raising activities. The long term vision of the project is that Junik Municipality will be promoted and functioning as a ‘stone town’ heritage tourism destination. The project has two main components:

(a) Local school programme &

(b) Summer camp on the rehabilitation of stone structures.



The project will be implemented from April to November 2014 inclusive (8 months).



The eligibility criteria, application forms and terms of reference can be found on the PCDK website, or on request, via email. Completed applications must be submitted in electronic format to not later than 10 March 2014 at 16:00 local time Pristina. Applications received later than this will not be accepted.


Public institutions and international organizations are not eligible to apply.




European Commission Liaison Office to Kosovo



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