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03.02.2014 - Mr Christos Rozakis, Chair of the Administrative Tribunal, participated in the conference “Les Journées d’Athènes” organised by the French magazine “le Nouvel Observateur” on 6 and 7 February in Athens, on the occasion of the Greek Presidency of the European Union. These two days of debates on the issue of “Daring democracy”, gathered representatives from the political sphere, intellectuals and experts who discussed the need and means to enhance democracy all over Europe.

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20.12.2013 - On Friday 6 December 2013, the Administrative Tribunal of the Inter-American Development Bank Group organised a conference in Washington to commemorate its 30th anniversary. Several international administrative tribunals were invited at this conference, including the Council of Europe Administrative Tribunal which was represented by Mr Cangelosi, judge, and Mr Sansotta, Registrar.

The President of the Inter-American Development Bank, Guilherme A. Caputo Bastos, opened the conference. The subject of mediation and conflict resolution was then addressed by justice Desiree Bernard. It was followed by a presentation of the 2013 amendments to the Statute and Rules of Procedure of the tribunal made by the Executive Secretary of the Inter-American Development Bank Administrative Tribunal, Hernán Sáenz Jiménez. Then, the former President of the Inter-American Development Bank Administrative Tribunal, Agustín A. Gordillo, talked about his experience as a member of the Tribunal and Judge Germán Barreiro González discussed justice in Cervantes’ Don Quixote de la Mancha.

The conference’s proceedings will be published in due course.

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