Advisory Committee on Disputes

Established in the framework of Article 59, paras 5, 6 and 7, of the Council of Europe Staff Regulations

Presentation prepared by the Advisory Committee on Disputes

When staff members of the Council of Europe file an administrative complaint with the Secretary General, they may request him or her to refer it for the preliminary opinion of the Advisory Committee on Disputes. The Secretary General may also do so at his/her own initiative.

Staff members of the Council of Europe Development Bank may do the same when they file an application with the Governor of the Bank. The Governor may also refer the administrative complaint to the Committee at his/her own initiative.

The task of the Advisory Committee on Disputes is to issue an entirely independent and reasoned opinion on the administrative complaints referred to it. This is not a court of first instance. Its opinions, which do not bind the Secretary General, may relate both to the lawfulness of the contested acts and to their expediency and it may propose settlements based on considerations of equity.

The Committee is made up of two members and two substitutes elected by the staff for two years and the same number of members and substitutes appointed by the Secretary General for the same term. It also includes a member appointed by the Governor of the Council of Europe Development Bank and a member elected by the Bank’s staff, both of whom sit when a case relating to the Bank is referred to it.

Its members are as follows: Nathalie Verneau, Yves Winisdoerffer (members elected by the staff of the Council of Europe), Wolfgang Rau, Stephanos Stavros (members appointed by the Secretary General), Tanja Kleinsorge, Philippe Courades, (substitutes elected by the staff of the Council of Europe), Françoise Elens-Passos, Clare Ovey (substitutes appointed by the Secretary General). The two members in respect of the Development Bank are Constantino Longaresbarrio (elected by the staff) and Andrea Buccomino (appointed by the Governor).

The Committee is assisted by two co-secretaries, Pamela McCormick and Dmytro Tretyakov, and an assistant, Elizabeth Alexieva. It is chaired by Yves Winisdoerffer.

Reference Texts
  • Article 59 of the Staff Regulations
  • Rule No. 1062 of 1 June 2001 establishing the rules of procedure of the Advisory Committee on Disputes





    Latest decision published on 07/02/2015 : N° 543/2014 - Bilge KURT TORUN v. Secretary General (in French only - to be translated)
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    Latest appeal registered on 15/01/2015 : No. 560/2015 - Nataliya YAKIMOVA v. Secretary General
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