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Registration of six appeals before the Administrative Tribunal

27.06.2015 - Since May 2015, the Administrative Tribunal registered six appeals:

- No. 562-563-564/2015 - Gyorgyi KACSANDI (II) (III) (IV) v. Governor of the Council of Europe Development Bank concerning respectively the decision to terminate the appellant’s fixed term contract, a complain about psychological harassment and unequal treatment, as well as the decision to refuse the appellant a permanent contract at the end of her probationary period.

- No. 565/2015 - Maria-Lucia ORISTANIO (II) v. Governor of the Council of Europe Development Bank concerning the continuation of the deterioration of the appellant’s working conditions, downgrading, moral harassment and a disguised disciplinary measure against the appellant (see appeal No. 559/2014).

- No. 566/2015 - Holger SEIFERT v. Governor of the Council of Europe Development Bank concerning a new hierarchical junction resulting in a diminution of responsibilities, as well as a complain about moral harassment.

- No. 567/2015 - Costas SKOURAS v. Secretary General concerning the decision not to renew the appellant’s contract.

This information is given to enable those who so wish to exercise their right to intervene under Article 10 of the Statute of the Administrative Tribunal.

Hearings of the Administrative Tribunal

18.06.2015 - Three hearings were held before the Administrative Tribunal on 26 June 2015 in the Tribunal’s hearing-room in the D building at 9.30 a.m. in appeals below:

- 9.30 a.m.: No. 557/2014 – Gunilla HEDMAN v. Secretary General,
- 2.30 p.m.: No. 545/2014 – Cynera JAFFREY v. Secretary General
- 4.00 p.m.: No. 559/2014 – Maria-Lucia ORISTANIO v. Governor of the Council of Europe Development Bank

The first hearing was chaired by Mr Giorgio MALINVERNI, Deputy Chair, the other two by Mr Christos ROZAKIS, Chair of the Tribunal.

New composition of the Administrative Tribunal

05.05.2015 - In February and March, the Committee of Ministers appointed the judges of the Administrative Tribunal of the Council of Europe for a new term. Previously, the European Court of Human Rights had appointed the Chair and the Deputy Chair. For the term as from 1st April, the Administrative Tribunal is composed as follows:

Chair Mr Christos ROZAKIS (Greece) image tribunal
Council of Europe/Candice Imbert
Deputy Chair
Mr Giorgio MALINVERNI (Switzerland)
Judges Ms Mireille HEERS (France)
  Mr Ömer Faruk Ateş (Turkey)
Deputy Judges Mr Rocco Antonio CANGELOSI (Italy)

Ms Lenia SAMUEL (Cyprus)
Registrar Mr Sergio SANSOTTA (Italy)
Deputy Registrar Mrs Eva HUBALKOVA (Czech Republic)

The current mandate of the Administrative Tribunal will expire on 31 March 2018.

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23.07.2015 - The Committee of Staff Representatives of the Co-ordinated Organisations (AAPOCAD, Council of Europe, ECMWF, ESA, EUMETSAT, NATO, OECD) is pleased to invite you to the roundtable on The right of appeal in international administrative courts which will be held on 6 November 2015 in Rome. Further information will be published in early September.

Contact :

Round Table OECD - Nov 2015

21.07.2015 - The International Administrative Law Centre of Excellence annual conference will once again bring together international civil servants, union representatives, lawyers, judges, academics and others interested in international administrative law, from around the world with a view to shaping and improving this area of the law.

Date: Thursday 1st and Friday 2nd October 2015
Location: King’s College London


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The Administrative Tribunal of the Council f of Europe (ATCE), previously named the Council of Europe Appeals Board until 5 April 1994, is an international administrative court competent to hear complaints of the serving and former staff members of the Council of Europe against their employer. The Tribunal was established in 1965 and is based in Strasbourg, in France, where are located the Council of Europe’s headquarters.

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- Order of 26 June 2015 / Striking out
No. 558/2014 - Martine CARALY-STARKE v. Secretary General (in French)
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Latest appeal registered on 29/07/2015: No. 567/2015 - Costas SKOURAS v. Secretary General
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