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Longer-term future of the European Court of Human Rights

18/02/2015 Strasbourg

The 5th meeting of the Drafting Group “F” on the reform of the Court (GT-GDR-F) will be held on 18-20 February 2015. The Group will start the examination of its preliminary consolidated draft report containing opinions and possible proposals concerning the longer-term future of the Convention...

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Seminar on “Corruption risks and protection mechanisms for entrepreneurs”

17/02/2015 Ufa

Some 50 representatives of institutions from the Russian Federation, including representatives of the Office of the Federal Business Ombudsman, Offices of Regional Business Ombudsmen, local government agencies and business associations participated in this seminar which took place on 17 February...

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The Turin process for the European Social Charter

12/02/2015 Brussels

The ‘Turin process’, launched by the Secretary General of the Council of Europe at the High-Level Conference on the European Social Charter (Turin, 17-18 October 2014), aims at reinforcing the normative system of the Charter within the Council of Europe and in its relationship with the law of the...

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SPACE survey: the economic crisis hampers improvement of conditions in European prisons

11/02/2015 Strasbourg

According to the annual report published today by the Council of Europe Annual Penal Statistics (SPACE), spending per inmate in European prisons has decreased during the economic crisis, and this has likely caused a negative impact on the quality of life of persons in custody. On the other hand,...

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Just published by CEPEJ: Guidelines on the organisation and accessibility of court premises

30/01/2015 Strasbourg

The guidelines of the European Commission for the Efficiency of Justice (CEPEJ) on the organisation and accessibility of court premises provide a reference framework to administrators and decision-makers for the construction of new court premises or the conversion of older buildings. They apply...

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