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Belgium urged not to resume detention of migrant children and to expand alternatives to immigration detention for families with children

19/12/2016 Strasbourg

In a letter addressed to the Secretary of State for Migration and Asylum of Belgium, Mr Theo Francken, published today, Commissioner Muižnieks warns against resuming the practice of detaining migrant families with children. Referring to the Secretary of State’s recent general policy statement,...

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Human Rights Comment

Why remembering the Holocaust is a human rights imperative

18/10/2016 Strasbourg

The Shoah stands out as one of the defining moments of history that has shaped the conscience of mankind. It is unique in its roots, implementation and envisioned totality. During my mandate as Commissioner for Human Rights, I have attended a number of ceremonies of commemoration of the victims...

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Visit report

Belgium should speed up the social inclusion of persons with disabilities

28/01/2016 Strasbourg

Read the report “Belgium is failing to uphold the rights of persons with disabilities to live independently and be included in the community. Planned measures to improve the situation should be implemented as a matter of priority” said today Nils Muižnieks, Council of Europe Commissioner for...

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Visit to Belgium

Belgium: accelerate reception of asylum-seekers and improve inclusive education

18/09/2015 Brussels

"The overwhelmingly positive response of Belgian society to the arrivals of refugees and the decision of the authorities to increase the quota of Syrian refugees they accept for resettlement are encouraging signs. They suggest that Belgium is ready to play its part to ensure that Europe meets the...

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Europe should not fear migrants

[15/03/2013 11:00] "It is high time for European states to consider a different take on migration, one of rational management that would fully respect the civil, political and social rights of migrants", said Commissioner Muižnieks today at a Conference organized by the European Economic and...

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Roma and Travellers face blatant racism in today’s Europe

Brussels, 27/2/2012 – "In many European countries Roma and Travellers are still denied basic human rights and suffer blatant racism. They remain far behind others in education, employment, access to decent housing and health. Their average life span is shorter and infant mortality rates are...

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“Belgium should improve detention conditions and strengthen migrants’ rights” says Commissioner Hammarberg in a report

[Strasbourg, 17.06.2009] – "Belgium has a good system of human rights protection, but more efforts are needed in certain areas, in particular on prison conditions, asylum procedures and the protection of the rights of migrants", said the Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights, Thomas...

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Report on visit to Belgium

Report by the Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights, Thomas Hammarberg, on his visit to Belgium from 15-19 December 2008 CommDH(2009)14 / 17 June 2009

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Commissioner Hammarberg concludes visit to Belgium

[19/12/08 16:40] Thomas Hammarberg concluded today his four-day assessment visit to Belgium after meetings with members of the federal, community and regional governments. He also met with civil society representatives and visited prisons, closed centres for irregular migrants and shelters for...

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Commissioner Hammarberg visits Belgium to assess the human rights situation

[10/12/08 10:00] Prison conditions, migrants, measures against discrimination, women's and children's rights will be some of the main topics that the Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights, Thomas Hammarberg, will assess during his five-day high-level visit to Belgium starting on 15...

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