ONE in FIVE Campaign

From 2010 to 2015 the Council of Europe ran the ONE in FIVE Campaign to stop sexual violence against children. While this campaign came to an end, to galvanise on the momentum generated by the campaign, the Council of Europe decided to organise on a yearly basis the European Day for the protection of children against sexual exploitation and sexual abuse (18 November).

All of the campaign materials and new products contributing to protecting children from sexual exploitation and sexual abuse can be found on the webpage of the European Day.

The Underwear Rule

About 1 in 5 children falls vicitim to violence including sexual abuse. You can help prevent this happening to your child. Teach your child the Underwear Rule.

The Underwear Rule is a simple guide to help parents explain to children where others should not try to touch them, how to react and where to seek help.

What is The Underwear Rule? It’s simple: a child should not be touched by others on parts of the body usually covered by their underwear. And they should not touch others in those areas.

It also helps explain to children that their body belongs to them, that there are good and bad secrets and good and bad touches.

“Raise your hand against smacking!”

I have rights, you have rights, he/she has rights ...

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