The European Commission for the Efficiency of Justice

CEPEJ Innovation Centre - Platform for exchange of good practices

The main objective of the "CEPEJ Innovation Centre - Platform for exchange of good practices" is to highlight innovative practices or recognised practices that can serve as a model applicable in other European countries, allowing the increase of efficiency, quality and independence of judicial systems.

Is considered as "good practice" any practice which meets the general mission of the CEPEJ which is to contribute to a better functioning and performance of the judiciary or the courts, while guaranteeing the quality of services provided to litigants. Moreover, it is necessary that any practice found previous application and gave conclusive results within the authority concerned. Will be particularly highlighted any practice that meets the targets set by the CEPEJ instruments in terms of optimisation of court proceedings and quality of justice.

You will find below a non-exhaustive list of subjects :

- The ability to monitor the overall length of proceedings; the development of criteria for defining and managing optimal timeframes ; the predictability of timeframes for users, and the availability to the public of data concerning the length of proceedings at the national or court level; development efforts to promptly diagnose delays and mitigate their consequences
- Court management in terms of human resources and finances
- Use of new technologies in the judicial work
- File management and archiving;
- Monitoring of legal expertise;
- Definition of quality standards for the courts;
- Access to law and jurisprudence;
- Communication with clients and justice professionals;
- Allocation of cases and delegation of judges’ responsibilities to non-judge staff;
- Knowledge sharing between courts and judges;
- Case management;
- Mediation ;
- Legal aid;
- Execution of judicial decisions.

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Sharing good practices via the CEPEJ Innovation Centre

In the framework of the implementation, end of 2016, of its platform of exchange of good practices, the CEPEJ draws the attention on the plan of excellency of justice and the strategic agenda 2015-2020 which has been implemented by the Superior Court of Justice of Murcia (Spain). National correspondent of Spain, Mr Juan Fernando Armengot, in collaboration with the President of the Court Mr. Miguel Pascual del Riquelme, presented this plan at the 28th plenary meeting of the CEPEJ on 7 December 2016. It is focused on 6 aspects:
- Towards an Open Administration of Justice
- A justice geared at users
- Innovation, modernisation and organisation excellency
- Sensibilisation to judicial certainty and security
- Promotion and integration of leadership and management

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