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                                                                                                  July 2012
                                                                                                   No. 8

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European Social Charter 


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Signatures and Ratifications


47 States have signed or ratified either the Charter or the 1961 Charter. 
32 out of 43 States are bound by the Revised Charter and 11 by the 1961 Charter.
15 out of 43 States have ratified the Additional Protocol providing for a system of collective complaints

Overview of signatures and ratifications

Complete presentation of signatures and ratifications

Recent developments in the collective complaints procedure of the European Social Charter

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ReportThe activity report 2011 of the European Committee of Social Rights is public : a year in retrospect
"Fifty years on, there is reason to look forward to the future with optimism," according to the President of the Committee Luis Jimena Quesada. "The Charter and its case law have become a source of legitimacy for national policy, of mutual exchange at international level, of motivation and inspiration for civil society organisations and not least a source of hope for millions of people that their daily lives will be improved."  (more information) Activity report 2011 

EuropeanCommittee European Committee of Social Rights  
The Committee is currently examining Charter rights relating to employment, training and equal opportunities in view of Conclusions 2012. States Parties will report on Articles 1, 9, 10, 15, 18, 20, 24 and 25 which concern Charter rights related to employment, training and equal opportunities.

The 258th session of the European Committee of Social Rights is being held in Strasbourg from 25 to 28 June 2012.

Exchange of views with Mr. Morten Kjaerum, Director of the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (more information)

Election procedure for members of the European Committee of Social Rights
At the 1142nd meeting of the Ministers' Deputies held on 9 May 2012 a decision was adopted concerning the procedure of electing five members of the European Committee of Social Rights.
ComplaintsCollective Complaints 2012

Decisions on the merits

European Roma and Travellers Forum (ERTF) v. France, Complaint no. 64/2011
In its decision the European Committee of Social Rights unanimously concluded that there is a violation of Article E taken in conjunction with Articles 19�8, 30, 31��1, 2 and 3 and Article 16 of the Revised Charter. The decision became public on 8 June 2012 (more information)

European Council of Police Trade Unions (CESP)

v. Portugal, Complaint No. 60/2010

The Committee concluded that there was a violation of Article 4�2 (right to increased rate of remuneration for overtime work) of the Revised Charter, and that there was no violation of Article 6�� 1 and 2 nor of Article 22 of the Revised Charter. The decision became public on 5 March 2012. (more information


Decisions on admissibility

- Fellesforbundet for Sj�folk (FFFS) v. Norway, No. 74/2011, decision on admissibility, became public on 8 June 2012. The complainant trade union alleges a violation of Article 1��1 and 2 and Article 24 of the Revised Charter.

- Federation of Employed Pensioners of Greece (IKA-ETAM) v. Greece, No. 76/2012, decision on admissibility
- Panhellenic Federation of Public Service Pensioners (POPS) v. Greece, No. 77/2012, decision on admissibility
- Pensioners' Union of the Athens-Piraeus Electric Railways (I.S.A.P.) v. Greece, Complaint No. 78/2012, decision on admissibility
- Panhellenic Federation of Pensioners of the Public Electricity Corporation (POS-DEI) v. Greece, Complaint No. 79/2012, decision on admissibility
- Pensioner's Union of the Agricultural Bank of Greece (ATE) v. Greece, Complaint No. 80/2012, decision on admissibility
These complaints submitted against Greece concern a reduction of pension schemes in both the private and public sectors in violation of Articles 12�3 and 31�1. The decisions all became public on 8 June 2012. 

Committee of Ministers adopted text(s)

The Committee of Ministers adopted Resolution Res/CM/ChS(2012)3 on 4 April 2012 with regard to case European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC), Centrale G�n�rale des Syndicats Lib�raux de Belgique (CGSLB), Conf�d�ration des Syndicats chr�tiens de Belgique (CSC) and F�d�ration G�n�rale du Travail de Belgique (FGTB) v. Belgium, Complaint No. 59/2009. (more information)

Two complaints are registered against France

Action europ�enne des handicap�s (AEH) v. France, Complaint No. 81/2012, concerns the problems regarding access of autistic children and adolescents to education and access of young adults with autism to vocational training.

Comit� europ�en d'action sp�cialis�e pour l'Enfant et la Famille dans leur milieu de vie (EUROCEF) v. France, Complaint no. 82/2012, concerns suspension of family allowances in cases of truancy.


>> Collective Complaints Website 

CzechRatificationRatification of the Additional Protocol providing for a system of collective complaints by the Czech Republic  



Ambassador Tomas Bocek, Permanent Representative of the Czech Republic, transmitted the instrument of ratification of the Additional Protocol providing for a system of collective complaints to Mrs Maud de Boer-Buquicchio, Deputy Secretary General of the Council of Europe, today. This instrument will enter into force on 1 June 2012. Czech Republic is the 15th State Party to the Charter to accept to be bound by the collective complaints procedure.

Luis Jimena Quesada, President of the European Committee of Social Rights, noted with satisfaction that the Czech Republic has made a major step forward in safeguarding and promoting social rights by accepting to be bound by the 1995 Additional Protocol providing for a system of collective complaints. (more information)   


ConclusionsConclusions 2012 and XX-1 (2012)
InTheFieldThe Charter in the field

Seminar in Tirana, Albania on non-accepted provisions, 5 June 2012  Programme

Seminar on the Collective Complaint Procedure, Rome, Italy, 17 May 2012 Programme

Seminar in Astrakhan to ensure a wider application of the Charter in the Russian Federation and to assist in the signature and ratification of the European Code of Social Security, 24-25 April 2012  Programme

Training and workshops

Workshop organised by PICUM (Platform for international cooperation on undocumented migrants), Brussels, Belgium, 15 June 2012  Programme

Workshop on the right to work, legal and philosophical perspectives, London, 20 May 2012 (more information) Programme

"The European Social Charter, 50 years on: Committee, Interpretation and Compliance", organised by UCL European Institute, London, 10 May 2012 (more information)

Training course for Russian civil servants at the Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO), Moscow, Russian Federation, 25 April 2012  MGIMO website

Other events

Resocialising Europe and the mutualisation of risks to workers, London, 19-20 May 2012  (more information) Programme

International confrence "Contemporary Housing issues in a changing Europe", Galway, Ireland, 20-21 April 2012 Programme  Presentation of Mr.R�gis Brillat Conference website

Webinair on women's rights to social security protection : the role of the European Social Charter, 26 April 2012
Videos of presentations 

 >> Activities and Events 2012

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