European Social Charter

The Conclusions of the European Committee of Social Rights for 2013 are public
Conclusions 2013 (Revised Charter) and Conclusions XX-2 (1961 Charter)

[29/01/2014] It is now possible to consult the country by country Conclusions 2013 and Conclusions XX-2 (2013) of the European Committee of Social Rights on the implementation of the European Social Charter.

According to the Committee, public policies since 2009 have clearly been unable to stem a generalised increase in poverty in Europe. The economic crisis in Europe and the austerity measures adopted in response have had a negative impact on effective respect for human rights and especially for social and economic rights.

In 2013, the European Committee of Social Rights adopted some 570 conclusions, including some 180 findings of violations of the Charter. The Committee examined reports submitted by 38 States Parties covering Charter rights pertaining to health, social security and social protection. Five States Parties (Azerbaijan, Croatia, Iceland, Luxembourg and Portugal) did not submit a report in time and it is expected that these Conclusions will be adopted in March 2014.

The following rights are covered in Conclusions 2013 and XX-2 :

safe and healthy working conditions (Article 3),
the right to protection of health (Article 11),
the right to social security (Article 12),
the right to social and medical assistance (Article 13),
the right to benefit from social welfare services (Article 14),
the right of elderly persons to social protection (Article 23 and Article 4 of the 1988 Additional Protocol).
the right to protection against poverty and social exclusion (Article 30).

Conclusions by State Party
General Introductions 2013 and XX-2 (2013)