European Social Charter

The Conclusions of the European Committee of Social Rights for 2011 are public
Conclusions 2011 (Revised Charter) and Conclusions XIX-4 (2011) (1961 Charter)

[24/01/2011] It is now possible to consult Conclusions 2011 and Conclusions XIX-4 (2011) by State Party. These conclusions contain the assessments of the European Committee of Social Rights on the application of the Charter.

In 2011 950 conclusions, including 258 findings of violations of the Charter, were adopted.

The provisions concerned belong to Thematic Group 4  which covers Charter rights pertaining to children, family and migrants.

The following rights concern both the Revised Charter and the 1961 Charter:

-  the right of children and young persons to protection  (Article 7)
-  the right of employed women to protection  (Article 8)
-  the right of the family to social, legal and economic protection (Article 16)
-  the right of mothers and children to social and economic protection (Article 17)
the right of migrant workers and their families to protection and assistance (Article 19)

The Committee's conclusions also cover  the following rights with respect to States bound by the Revised Charter:

- the right of workers with family responsibilities to equal opportunity and treatment  (Article 27)
-  the right to housing  (Article 31).

As Hungary failed to submit a report the Committee was unable to adopt conclusions with respect to this State.

Conclusions by State
General Introductions 2011 and XIX-4 (2011)
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