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Functioning of the Courts

- The right of staff members to a Tribunal as a limit to the jurisdictional immunity of international organisations in Europe (Anne-Marie Thévenot-Werner, p. 111-139, in Anne Peters, Manuel Devers, Anne-Marie Thévenot-Werner and Patrizia Zbinden (dir.), Les acteurs dans l’ère du constitutionnalisme global / Actors in the Age of Global Constitutionalism, coll. « UMR de droit comparé de Paris », vol. 35, Paris, Société de législation comparée, 2014, 200 p.)
- The future of international administrative law: Harmonization? Fragmentation? Dialogue? (20th Anniversary of the International Monetary Fund Administrative Tribunal, 2014)
- Coherence in the law of the Asian Development Bank Administrative Tribunal - In panel and en banc process (2014)
- The Administrative Tribunal of the Council of Europe (Article II, p. 19 - Link to the publication, 2006)

Case law

- The Administrative Tribunal of the Council of Europe and the European Convention on Human Rights (2013)

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Latest decision published on 17/03/2015 : No. 529/2012 - Nelly ROUGIE-EICHLER c/Secrétaire Général (soon available in English)
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Latest appeal registered on 15/01/2015 : No. 561/2015 - Gyorgyi KACSANDI v. Governor of the Development Bank
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