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Equality between women and men

Gender equality means an equal visibility, empowerment, responsibility and participation of both sexes in all spheres of public and private life. It also means an equal access to, and distribution of resources between women and men.

It means accepting and valuing equally the differences of women and men and the diverse roles they play in society.


Gender Equality Strategy 2018-2023

The Council of Europe Committee of Ministers adopted the new Council of Europe Gender Equality Strategy 2018-2023 on 7 March 2018. The Strategy was prepared by the Gender Equality Commission, keeping the five strategic objectives of the Gender Equality Strategy 2014-2017 and adding a new thematic priority “to protect the rights of migrant, refugee and asylum-seeking women and girls”. The new Strategy outlines the goals and priorities of the Council of Europe for the next six years, identifying working methods and main partners, as well as the measures required to increase the visibility of results.